Best coffee makers to buy

We have listed the eight best coffee makers to buy in 2019 for each type of coffee lover profile and other hot and cold drinks with the bean.

The coffee is one of the Brazilian passions and we have data that prove this statement, according to the Brazilian Association of Coffee (ABIC), Brazil is the second-largest consumer of this grain in the world, behind only the United States. Still, approximately 9 out of 10 Brazilians consume coffee, be it pure, with milk, espresso, carioca, or American. But, to prepare the drink with mastery, it is necessary to have good equipment that meets your needs as a drink lover. To help you find this product we have listed the eight best coffee makers to buy in 2019 according to each profile of coffee lovers. 

How do we select the best coffee makers?

In order to define which would be the best coffee makers to buy in 2019, we took into account the specifications of each product, such as potency, quantity of coffee made at a time, variety of drinks, etc., in addition to the opinions of consumers about each model of coffee maker. 

Best coffee makers to buy in 2019

Oster Prima LatteCoffee maker for anyone to defect
Britânia CP15Best Cheap Coffee Maker
Oster FlavorBest programmable coffee maker
Mondial C-08Best coffee maker with large reservoir
Compact Automatic Coffee Maker with Le Cook GrinderBest coffee maker with grinder
Cadence Urban InspireBest coffee maker with imposing design
Nespresso InissiaBest espresso coffee maker
Dolce Gusto Mini MeBest espresso maker for assorted drinks

Oster Prima Latte

Oster Prima Latte is the coffee maker for anyone to fault, because we realize that it meets the needs of most coffee lovers. With this device it is possible to prepare drinks using powdered coffee, sachet and use original Nespresso capsules, that is, there are several options to please the most diverse palates. 

In addition, Oster Prima Latte has a special 600 ml reservoir for milk alone and prepares up to ten cappuccinos, lattes or lattes macchiatos (a differential is that it is possible to leave this reservoir in the refrigerator, unattached from the coffee maker) until you have to add more of the liquid to the container. With 1170 watts of power, it can prepare up to two drinks at the same time. 

Britânia CP-15

britain CP15

This Britânia coffee maker was already in our ranking of best coffee makers to buy in 2018 and now appears here again for its simplicity and low price. With 550 watts of power, this appliance comes with a jar with a capacity of 600 ml of water, enough for 15 cups of coffee at a time. 

To use Britânia CP-15, you will need to use coffee powder. It also has a drip cutter system so there is no waste of the ready drink and so you can get the coffee you want while the machine is still finishing doing the rest. 

Oster Flavor

Having a programmable coffee maker at home is the guarantee of warm coffee almost every time. With Oster Flavor, which has 900 watts of power, you get this benefit, as it is possible to schedule the preparation of the drink up to 24 hours in advance. So, you can wake up with a warm coffee to drink in the morning. It has a system to cut drips against waste and automatic shutdown after finishing the preparation of the drink; even so, she manages to keep the coffee hot for another two hours.

When preparing the drink, you will be able to select the desired intensity (stronger or weaker) and prepare, with coffee powder, up to 36 cups of 42 ml (which takes us to a 1.5 liter capacity jar) . Finally, Oster Flavor also has a cleaning function, just add water to the reservoir and press the button.

Mondial C-08

The Mondial C-08 is the ideal coffee maker for offices and other workspaces, as it has a two-liter water tank for making powdered coffee or sachet and cappuccinos. It can prepare up to two drinks at a time and has 800 watts of power. In addition, it has a vaporizer for the production of creamy drinks with foam and a removable waste tray, in case someone accidentally spills coffee when using the appliance.  

Compact Automatic Coffee Maker with Le Cook Grinder

For those who want to try the use of a coffee maker, but do not dispense with freshly ground coffee, the Le Cook appliance is ideal, as it comes with a grinder; thus, you will be able to use coffee beans or powder to prepare your drinks, in a 600 ml jar. With 600 watts of power, this coffee maker has a stainless steel filter and does not use conventional paper filters (thus, it is possible to wash and reuse it, which reduces the amount of waste produced). In addition, the drink, when made, can be hot for up to 38 minutes if left on the stand.  

Cadence Urban Inspire

Cadence’s Urban Inspire is great to be left exposed on the kitchen counter, as it has a different design and color combination. With the capacity to prepare up to 30 cups of coffee at a time (1.2 liter jar) it has 750 watts of power and does not use a paper filter, as the coffee maker has its own washable accessory. It is also possible to program the coffee maker to make coffee at any time, using a digital panel. Urban Inspire only accepts ground coffee. 

Nespresso Inissia

nespresso inissia c40

For those who do not give up coffee in capsules, Nespresso Inissia is the right choice, as it is great for espresso. You can choose to prepare short (40 ml) or long (110 ml) drinks and, with the power of 1260 watts, your coffee will be ready quickly, in just 25 seconds. The 700ml water reservoir and the reservoir for eleven used capsules make the machine even more practical.

Arno Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me

dolce gusto mini me

Another option to have coffee in capsules at home, Dolce Gusto Mini Me is ideal for those who like to drink not only espresso, but also chocolate, hot and iced teas, cappuccinos, mocaccinos and a variety of other drinks. With 1460 watts for the 110V option and 1340 watts for the 220V option, it has a reservoir for 800ml of water. As with Nespresso Inissia, the capsules are sold separately.

Is the Philco Multicapsule coffee maker good?

The Philco PCF19VP Multicápsulas coffee maker has the proposal of offering compatibility with the capsules of Nepsresso and Dolce Gusto. And it fulfills its promise, in addition to offering the possibility of using powder to make the espresso.

However, we saw that this compatibility is not that simple, nor universal. According to the manual, the machine allows you to use only coffee capsules, although some consumers are able to use other capsule flavors successfully.

The peculiarities with intermediate dose capsules (between short and long) can also make you nervous about the machine.

Philco Multicapsulas coffee maker

Some consumers did not get along with the Philco coffee maker, complaining that the coffee does not come out so hot, and without the proper flavor. Perhaps those who are not used to the operation and functioning of espresso coffee makers have some difficulty in adapting to this machine.

Therefore, the suggestion is that if you have never had an espresso coffee machine, start with the simplest models, from a more traditional brand in the business.

Now if you don’t mind losing several capsules until you get the hang of it, or are already a veteran user of espresso makers, you’ll have no problem using Philco’s multi capsules, and it’s worth buying the model.

Opinion of those who have already bought Multicápsulas Philco

Before swiping your credit card, of course you want to know if it is worth buying the Philco Multicápsulas coffee maker. Is she really good? The best way to know is to evaluate the comments of those who have already bought this coffee machine.

Most of the comments are positive, with consumers satisfied with the purchase of the Philco coffee maker. Many people celebrate the fact that there are three machines in one, and that they can even make chococcino from Dolce Gusto.

Philco Multicápsulas coffee maker

But not everyone is happy with the Philco coffee maker. Some complain about the quality of the external finish of the machine. And even worse, the coffee is not at the right point or at the right temperature.

Dolce Gusto capsules – and their intermediate doses – can also cause some confusion. In practice, the way Philco solves this problem is not so simple. Watch the video below.

Summing up

The Philco PCF19VP Multicápsulas coffee maker is a very versatile coffee maker, compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules, as well as a filter for making long, powdered coffees. Available only in red, it has a 20 bar pressure pump. Easy to use, just a touch and the Philco espresso machine prepares from short to long coffees.

Compatibility with other brands is possible thanks to the two mobile capsule trays, one for Nespresso and one for Dolce Gusto. There is also a tray for using ground coffee. However, not all Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules are compatible with Philco.

Some consumers did not get along with the Philco coffee maker, complaining that the coffee does not come out so hot, and without the proper flavor. Therefore, the Philco coffee machine can be disappointing for those who have never had an espresso coffee machine.

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