Bialetti coffee makers! Italian coffee makers for the most varied styles

Bialetti coffee makers!  Italian coffee makers for the most varied styles

The first known method of preparing coffee is the Arab style, in which coffee does not go through the filtering process, with the powder placed directly in the water, and has already changed a lot, especially in the West. Some Middle Eastern countries still maintain the tradition of consuming Turkish coffee. However, even in the middle of the last century, many new features appeared, especially in Italy, revolutionizing in Europe and the world, the different ways of preparing coffee with the arrival of Italian coffee makers – the Bialetti coffee makers.

In all segments, some names leave records in our memory. Families that transform companies into real legacies, at a certain moment in history, that marks forever. This is the case with Bialetti coffee makers . You automatically associate the name with the invention of the coffee makers that brought coffee-loving homes and hearts, Moka Bialetti and so many other special ways to prepare good coffee.

Today there are several options, both in coffee beans or powder, as in coffee makers and preparation methods.

However, the act of making coffee has become a true art, with various methods and performance by baristas around the world.

Currently it is possible to taste the drink, in personalized ways, according to the taste preference of each one. However, with so much novelty, it is possible to start enjoying coffee, already in the preparation of the drink. And transform that corner of coffee in your home, in a corner of flavors, with the various options of Bialetti coffee makers . Check out what the Gazeta do Povo portal says about Bialetti: ” Bialetti launches Brazilian grain blends “.

Bialetti has the special coffee maker for you …

Bialetti coffee makers!  Italian coffee makers for the most varied styles
Nuova Moka Express and Bialetti Cup

For those who prefer a fuller coffee, but without leaving home, this is the ideal coffee maker. The matriarch of Italian coffee makers, Moka Express allows you to obtain a coffee very similar to espresso coffee (from a professional machine). However, it can be used on the home stove. Its octagonal Italian design is unmistakable and incomparable.

For those who prefer a smaller portion of coffee, Nuova Moka, is ideal for preparing a cup or two. It follows the same line as the traditional Moka, however, in the “smart” version.

For lovers of authentic espresso, the Brikka coffee maker is here to surprise even the most discerning palates. Inside it has an exclusive technology – patented Brikka System, which allows the release of the drink with much more cream and intensity in flavor. With it you can get a real espresso, on a stove coffee maker.

For all types of cookers, including induction cookers, Moka Induction has specific materials for you to prepare your delicious coffee, even on your induction cooker.

Bialetti products: sophistication, beauty and practicality for all occasions

If practicality is the priority, the Bialetti Mini express version is ideal for serving 1 or 2 cups, very quickly. And while the coffee is being prepared, the base for the cup heats up. However, the line of Bialetti cups, made with the material at the height of Bialetti coffee makers, does not accompany a cup, keeping in its illustration the tradition of the company that revolutionized the art of making coffee.

For those who make a point of coloring their coffee moment, the Rainbow Coffee Line has the color of the rainbow you prefer: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, and light blue. Best of all, with all the safety and quality of Bialetti coffee makers.

Cappuccino lovers, the Mukka Bialetti is ideal for preparing the drink. With the simple placement of a valve, you can prepare a delicious cappuccino in 4 minutes or prepare coffee with milk.

For those who like a coffee without foam, with a sophisticated design, in stainless steel with Borosilicate glass, the French Press Coffee Maker in its versions: Preziosa, Trendy, Simplicity, will result in a coffee with its most preserved natural oils. After all, coffee is released through a metal filter, reducing the absorption of properties, in relation to the paper filter. The ideal is to grind the coffee on the spot. In fact, with a medium to coarse grind, when using the French Press coffee maker. Thus, as these properties of coffee become even more highlighted.

The Bialetti coffee grinder can be an excellent combination with this type of coffee maker. Ever wonder? A red French Press coffee maker with a red coffee grinder? In addition to being very efficient, they can brighten up your environment.

For the sophisticated, the Venus coffee maker is ideal. In addition to being versatile, they have a special shine and perfect finishing, in a refined style, in stainless steel.

For those who enjoy a softer coffee, Pour over for strained coffee allows the water to flow through the coffee powder in a homogeneous way. In fact, this results in a smoother drink. For this method, the coffee grind must have medium to fine grammage.

In all cases, you can have the Bialetti coffee maker that best suits your style. However, just as important as the quality of your coffee maker is the coffee that will be prepared in it. The coffee Napoli Bialetti comes from the Coffea Arabica species, in several lines, with the coffee purity guaranteed at all stages, from planting to the packaged product. Medium weight, ideal for all types of Bialetti Moka coffee makers. There is also the option of Napoli coffee for a strainer, with the same superior quality, however, specific for strained coffee.

If you prefer to grind coffee on the spot, Roma Bialetti coffee comes in selected beans, which guarantee a superior quality coffee, with a balanced content, with sweet notes.

The Bialetti electric mixer is also a great ally accessory, in the preparation of delicious creams that accompany coffee.

For all tastes and styles the Bialetti Shop has the ideal coffee maker for you to enjoy coffee in all stages, from preparation to consumption.

The Bialetti – Italian inventor of the world’s best coffee, by Bialetti Shop, gives you the opportunity to receive the best technology for cafes. From Italy straight to your cup!

Cafeteria Brikka - 4 Cups - Bialetti

Inspired by the traditional Moka Express, however, Brikka makes an even more creamy coffee.

This, thanks to a new internal valve that releases the coffee only when the water pressure reaches its ideal level, without changing the flavor or burning it, but increasing its creaminess.


With a preparation method identical to that of the traditional Italian coffee maker, Brikka has a special design with patented Brikka System® technology, which causes the coffee to be released only after reaching a certain pressure, which contributes to making it look even more like an espresso, and also produce crema under coffee, the famous “froth” of coffee.


General ColorAluminum and Black
it suits04 Cups
Approximate package weight with product1000g
You can go to the stoveYes
Can be taken to the microwaveNo
UtilityMake coffee
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