Capsule coffee maker: What’s the best of 2020?

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The capsule coffee maker is increasingly present in Brazilian homes. They are quick and practical. This comfort also means that they are perfect for use in stores and offices. You will find several models on the market, with different resources, even some that prepare not only coffee but also other drinks.

To know which model of coffee maker to buy, you need to know what each offers, as well as what requirements are most important to you. To help you with your purchase, we’ve created this guide. When you finish reading, you can make the best decision. Now, let’s go to the analysis.

The most important

  • Capsule coffee makers prepare coffee individually. You can find different models of capsule coffee makers on the market. Some only make coffee, while other models are capable of making tea or hot chocolate.
  • In the market, you will find a wide variety of capsules. They allow you to make different types of coffee. You can always count on the perfect drink for every occasion.
  • When buying your capsule coffee maker, you must take into account all its advantages, but don’t forget to get the best value for money possible. We say this because you will find coffee makers with very different prices. </ Li>

Ranking: The best capsule coffee makers on the market

In the following section, you will find the best capsule coffee maker models on the market. You will find that each offers different benefits. Also, although they are similar products, some of them provide specific features. An in-depth analysis will help you make the best decision possible.

  • 1st – Nespresso New Lattissima Touch
  • 2nd – Coffee maker Oster PrimaLatte
  • 3rd – Espresso Coffee Maker Três MODO S04
  • 4th – Dolce Gusto Lumio

1st – Nespresso New Lattissima Touch

New Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine, 110V, Nespresso, White

This is a Nespresso coffee maker with 1450 W of power and a 0.9 liter reservoir, in addition to a milk reservoir and the option to prepare it steamed. It has 19 bar pressure. Its modern white design blends perfectly with any kitchen and is compact.

It has options to choose the right coffee size for you, short or double. Also, it allows you to customize the quantity to your liking. It has an energy-saving function that is activated after 3 minutes and off in 9 minutes. It has a container for nine used capsules.

2nd – Coffee maker Oster PrimaLatte

Prima Latte Espresso Coffee Maker, Black, 110v, Oster

This coffee maker has as its main feature its versatility, being able to use in addition to capsules (uses Nespresso or compatible capsules), tea bags, ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) or even powder.

It has a milk tank and steamed milk options, only hot milk, cappuccino and only coffee (which can use standard or customized measures).

This coffee maker has 1200 W of power, 600 ml reservoirs for water and milk, enough for about 10 doses, 19 pressure bar for a tasty and full-bodied coffee, and robust and elegant design in brushed steel. Available in silver or black and red

3rd – Espresso Coffee Maker Três MODO S04

Espresso Coffee Maker, Mode, 110V, Black, Three, 3 Hearts

This capsule coffee maker, being manufactured by the Brazilian Três, of the Três Corações group (the largest coffee producer in the country) is among the most accessible on the market, and its capsules, besides being easy to find in any supermarket, are cheaper than those of Dulce Gusto or Nespresso despite having comparable quality.

This coffee maker prepares three sizes of coffee, indicated by LEDs of different colours, and the recommended dose for each drink is indicated on the capsule. Also, it is straightforward to clean (press the blue button). It has 15 Bar of pressure.

4th – Dolce Gusto Lumio

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio, Arno, DGL6, Red

The Dolce Gusto capsule coffee maker has a removable collection tray for easy cleaning. The water tank has a capacity of one liter. This device has a power-saving mode that automatically turns it off after a few minutes of use. It is possible to customize the quantities of coffee and water used by the machine.

This coffee maker has an automatic stop system and is capable of preparing 30 different designs. It has an LED volume indicator. The pressure it reaches is 15 bars. Also, it is one of the only ones that allow the preparation of cold drinks.

Buying guide: What you should know about capsule coffee makers

In the market, you will find different models of capsule coffee makers. Making the right purchase cannot be left to chance, so you have to consider a number of factors. In the following, we will highlight the main characteristics of this class of devices. Write it all down!

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What is a capsule coffee maker, and how does it work?

A capsule coffee machine prepares individual coffees of different varieties. Many models allow you to control the amount of water and coffee, in some cases, memorizing the changes made. The capsules used in these coffee makers are made of aluminium or plastic, with capacities between 5 and 8 grams of coffee.

The coffee maker has a water tank and sometimes a milk tank. It heats the water and then launches it with tremendous pressure into the capsule. In this way, the machine can extract the flavour of the coffee, taking your favourite drink to the cup.

Then, the capsule is discarded in a container, which is usually at the bottom of the machine.

Espresso machine making coffee

What are the strengths of each brand?

One of the first things you should consider when buying your capsule coffee maker is the use you intend to give it. The first goal is to make delicious coffee, but some offer extra benefits. Next, you’ll discover what the most popular brands on the market offer.

  • Nespresso. This model of coffee maker only prepares coffee, be it small or large. The Nespresso + Aeroccino line is capable of preparing, in addition to coffees, beverages with milk.
  • Dolce Gusto. These machines prepare pure and milk coffee, as well as teas and chocolates.
  • Three. Três capsule coffee makers prepare pure or milk coffee, teas and chocolates.

What pressure do capsule coffee makers have?

Another factor that you should note when buying the coffee maker is how many bars it has. The Bar is a unit that measures pressure and, the higher this value, the more flavor the coffee maker extracts from the coffee. This way, you have a drink with a more intense flavor.

Capsule coffee makerPub
Dolce Gusto12-15

As you can see, there are significant differences in the Bar between the models. However, they are all capable of preparing coffee of excellent taste and quality. In this respect, they differ from Italian coffee makers, also called moka. This is one more detail that you can take into account when making your purchase.

How much do coffee capsules cost?

For some users, one of the main disadvantages of this type of coffee maker is the price of the capsules. However, the truth is that the cost is less than having coffee outside the home. However, it is true that each cup will cost more than if you prepare the coffee with other methods. In this table you will see the price of the capsules according to the brand:

Types of coffee makersCapsule type and price
NespressoThe original capsules cost between R $ 2 and R $ 3, while compatible ones can be found for up to R $ 1.50. The first can be found on the internet or in official specialized stores. Compatible ones can be found in several stores and supermarkets
Dolce gustoThe price of the original capsules is around R $ 2. The compatible ones are more economical, costing around R $ 1. Both are relatively easy to find in all types of stores, both in physical stores and online.
ThreeThe original capsules cost around R $ 1.50. Compatible capsules are quite difficult to find. Can be obtained in supermarkets or online stores

Why is it interesting to have a capsule coffee maker at home?

It is possible that, when considering purchasing a capsule coffee maker, you thought it would be just another kitchen appliance. When you open your kitchen cabinets, you realize that there are too many things and some you have barely used. Perhaps you are afraid that the same thing will happen with this machine, but there are good reasons to change your mind:

  • Speed. With one of these coffee makers, you can make delicious coffee in seconds.
  • Cleaning. This appliance is straightforward to clean. You will not need to wash filters, thermos, etc.
  • Flavour. The flavour of the coffee you prepare with other models may vary each day, depending on the amount of powder, water temperature, etc. With a capsule coffee maker, it will be consistent every day, only changing if you choose to use different varieties.
  • Versatility. Other types of coffee makers only prepare coffee. However, with some models of capsule coffee makers, you can prepare several drinks.
  • Customization. In a house where several people live, indeed each person prefers his coffee in a specific way. With a coffee maker like this, you don’t have to make the same coffee for everyone.

Do you have capsule coffee makers in supermarket chains?

If you want to buy a capsule coffee machine at the supermarket, you can find a few different models. Also, it is common to have offers and promotions to get an even more impressive price. If you choose a more expensive model, you can consult the possibility of obtaining financing. Going to a supermarket also offers the possibility to buy the device on the spot. You won’t have to wait for days until your order arrives at your home. Not to mention that in case it is necessary to exchange or return the product, the logistics are simpler. If you want to buy a capsule coffee maker, a visit to the supermarket can be a good idea.

Scattered coffee beans and three coffee pods

What are the advantages and disadvantages of capsule coffee makers?

We will show below the advantages and disadvantages presented by capsule coffee makers. Knowing these aspects will be very useful when making your final decision. Take note of the following points:Benefits

  • Quick
  • Take up little space
  • They prepare different varieties of coffee


  • Harmful to the environment (produces more waste)

Which capsule coffee makers are good and cheap?

Throughout this Guide, we talked about different points regarding the different types of capsule coffee makers. In some cases, prices can be higher or lower, so that even if you don’t have a big budget, you can also have yours. We will now show you some models of accessible coffee makers with interesting features.

Bosch TAS1404 Delta Q, QLIP Coffee Maker

Coffee Machine 127V, Delta Q, QLIP, Yellow

It is a very inexpensive capsule coffee maker, and can be purchased for around R $ 100. Although compact, it has 19 bar of pressure. With the “Quick Start” function, the machine needs 15 seconds to switch on, extract coffee and switch off.

Its rotary system for inserting and ejecting the capsules without the need for a drawer or lever makes handling it easy and does not require additional space. The main drawback is that the capsules can be a little difficult to find.

Nespresso Essenza Mini

Nespresso Essenza Mini, Coffee Machine, 220V, Red

This model is a little more expensive than the previous one, but Nestlé often offers promotions with gift capsules and vouchers worth up to R $ 100 to be exchanged for capsules.

The capsules are easy to find, as well as compatible, which are already offered by several specialized stores and chocolate shops. Its use is fast and intuitive, and it is available in different colors and two models.

Coffee Maker Três Corações Mimo, S24

Mimo Coffee Maker, Three Hearts, S24 110V, Red

The price of this coffee maker is slightly higher than the previous ones, but it still costs about half of the more advanced models. It has interesting features, like a backwash capsule. It has a pressure of 15 Bar, and you can choose from several colour options.

Purchasing Criteria

When purchasing your capsule coffee maker, you must take certain aspects into account. This will allow you to find the model that best suits your needs. In this way, you will make the most appropriate decision. The aspects you should consider are:

  • Capsules
  • Water tank
  • Manufacturer
  • Materials


One of the most important issues when buying one of these coffee makers is the capsule used. Keep in mind that, depending on the brand, its price may be more or less high. Assess if there are compatible capsules, which are usually cheaper. Some brands sell their original capsules only on their website or in official stores.

Certain brands have only capsules for making coffee, such as Nespresso or Três. Others, like Dolce Gusto, allow you to prepare other types of drinks, such as tea or chocolate. These are good options for those who want to have an alternative to coffee or for those who don’t like that drink very much.

Water tank

The idea of ​​capsule coffee makers is to prepare individual coffees, but you want to have to fill the tank all the time, regardless of whether you only prepare coffee for yourself or have to make several. Most models have reservoirs with volumes between 0.8 and 1.5 liters. There are some with less, around 0.6 liters, that you will need to fill more often.


Always try to bet on known manufacturers. Otherwise, you run the risk of the capsules disappearing from the market, causing the coffee maker to be useless. Also, they rarely offer the same warranty as other more prestigious brands. Be sure to consider the manufacturer when purchasing your capsule coffee maker.


Capsule coffee makers are generally made of aluminum or plastic. Many of them have an aluminium layer covered by a plastic film. In this way, coffee is isolated from the metal, and its taste is not affected. In general, it is recommended to use the aluminum coffee maker with plastic coating. This material is more resistant and can last for several years.

Coffee tray with capsule cafeteria and two cups


Having a capsule coffee maker is a great idea. You can easily prepare different varieties of coffee, and some models even allow you to make other types of drinks. Little by little, they have become essential in many homes, making them ideal for preparing a single coffee or even more than one, without spending a lot of time.

In the market, you will find different models, each with specific features. It is essential to assess which of these features are essential to you. Keep in mind that prices can vary widely from model to model. Also don’t forget to take into account the cost of the capsules used, which also varies a lot.

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