Coffee machine: What’s the best of 2020?

Image shows coffee machine with full coffee cup.

For many people, the best way to start the day is to have coffee outside the home. One reason is that they prefer machine coffee from bars or restaurants. However, it is possible to enjoy a drink with a similar flavour in your own home if you buy a coffee machine. This appliance can be an exciting purchase.

We say this because having a coffee machine is the closest thing to having a professional coffee maker at home. In addition to enjoying a more tasty drink, you can prepare coffee in several ways. If you buy a coffee machine, you will prefer to have breakfast at home.

To get to know you better, we have prepared this complete Buying Guide, with all the details about it.

The most important

  • When buying a coffee machine, you should make sure that it has all the functions you want. The most common is that it serves to prepare at least espresso, cappuccino and latte coffee.
  • It is essential to check that the use of the machine is simple in every way. For example: that the control panel is intuitive and that the water and milk containers are easy to remove. This will be necessary when cleaning and filling them.
  • In the market, you will find coffee machines at different prices. Some cost less than R $ 70 while others exceed R $ 700. Before opting for a particular model, check if it is worth the investment.

Ranking: The best coffee machines on the market

Before making any purchase, you must know the product you are going to purchase very well. Knowing which are the best coffee machines on the market will help you discover essential aspects of this appliance.

Also, it is possible that, among the models best rated by others, you will find one that is perfect for your needs. So, pay attention to the list below.

1º – Express Pro Coffee Machine, Tramontina

Express Pro Coffee Maker, Tramontina, 69066011, 127V Silver

Tramontina offers one of the best coffee machines on the market, super complete and beautiful. It is made of matte stainless steel and serves to grind, dose and extract the coffee. The grinder funnel has a capacity of up to 250 g of beans, which means that you can extract up to 25 doses of fresh espresso. It is possible to adjust the grinding level (from the thickest to the finest).

The bottom tray and the tank are removable, making cleaning more comfortable, and the Express Pro also has a heating tray for up to 6 cups (although it is only possible to extract 1 or 2 cups at a time). It is possible to control the temperature for an ideal coffee flavour. With all these functions, it is essential to be prepared for the price, which is not cheap. However, the coffee comes out very similar to the bars that use a professional machine.

2nd – Naviglio Coffee Machine, Gaggia

Navaglio Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker, 220 V, Black, GAGGIA

The Naviglio coffee machine, from Gaggia, has a sober design that matches any environment. It is available in black. Among its functions is the possibility to customize three types of essential settings; to be able to adjust the granulometry (level of grinding of the grains); the height (amount of water and, consequently, of coffee extracted); and the intensity (amount of coffee powder).

In addition to all these functions, your vaporizer allows you to make the famous milk foam. The price of this Gaggia coffee machine is also high, but for drink lovers, it is a machine that can bring a lot of joy to the palate.

3rd – Lirika Plus Coffee Machine, Saeco

Saeco Lirika Plus Automatic Coffee Maker, Silver, 110v

This Saeco coffee machine is compact but has excellent performance; it can be used at home or even in small businesses or establishments. Stores up to 500 g of coffee and up to 2L of water. It allows extracting 1 or 2 cups at a time.

The preparation options are short coffee, long coffee, hot coffee or steam. Contains removable ceramic grinder, with electronic coffee adjustment in soft, medium and robust intensities. It allows for preparing cappuccinos or coffee with creamy milk. It has a digital display with colourful and intuitive icons. The price is high, but it is compatible with the machine’s performance.

4th – Prima Latte II Coffee Machine, Oster

Prima Latte II Espresso Coffee Maker, Red, 110v, Oster

Prima Latte Oster can be used with coffee powder, sachet or capsules. In addition to all types of coffee, it makes espresso and lattes. The milk tank has 600 ml, which allows to prepare up to 10 cappuccinos. It has 3 thermal sensors that maintain the ideal and constant temperature throughout the preparation. Even with all these features, the price of this coffee machine is affordable.

The pump reaches up to 19 bars of pressure, which guarantees a more dense and tasty espresso. The functions are easy and intuitive, in addition to the modern finish of the machine, in black brushed steel and red details.

5th – Coffee Cream Coffee Machine, Mondial

Espresso Coffee Cream Coffee Machine C-08 Mondial.

The Coffee Cream coffee machine, from Mondial, is simple but perfect to please your guests. Its design is stainless steel; the pressure reaches up to 15 bars, which makes the coffee more creamy. The water tank has a capacity of 2L and is removable, making cleaning easier.

It is a complete machine: it has a steam nozzle that heats and prepares milk froth, a valve for steam control, a pipe with two outlets for the simultaneous preparation of two cups. The tray is removable for easy cleaning. The types of drinks that can be prepared are coffee, mochaccino, cappuccino and steamed hot chocolate—a valid option for tighter budgets.

Shopping Guide: What you should know about a coffee machine

The list we made probably helped you to know which are, for many, the best coffee machines on the market. It also served to make you understand some characteristics that, for sure, you must have found very interesting. But, there are still many aspects to evaluate before making your purchase. See below.

Person preparing coffee.

What is a coffee machine?

A coffee machine is one that can make more than one type of coffee. In many cases, it also has a milk container to prepare cappuccinos, while other machines come with a vaporizer or foamer. It usually has a modern design and an LCD screen on which we can control the various functions of the machine.

Is a coffee machine or a capsule coffee maker better?

In recent years, capsule coffee makers have become very fashionable. In many houses, we find the most modern models. The popularity of this type of machine was so great that several models have compatible capsules. However, now it is the coffee machines that are becoming popular. The two options are good, although they are different things. The capsule coffee maker prepares various types of coffee, depending on the capsule used. Some models also allow you to prepare hot chocolate, tea and even broths, in addition to different types of coffee. With coffee machines, you can schedule different types of coffee, and they are cheaper to maintain since they use powder. They produce a flavour similar to that of professional machines.

Is a coffee machine or an Italian coffee maker better?

In many houses, you can also find Italian coffee makers. To prepare coffee for several people at the same time, this is a good option. Also, price and easy use are other advantages. However, having a coffee machine is ideal if you are passionate about coffee or if you want to surprise your guests with an exceptional coffee since, with the device, it is possible to prepare an almost professional coffee. Also, with the Italian coffee maker, cappuccino or latte coffee cannot be prepared.

Of course, the price of the coffee machine is higher, but the functions it has are not comparable to those of other utensils for making coffee. And even if you already have an Italian coffee maker, you can also count on a coffee machine.

Is a coffee machine or filter coffee machine better?

Drip filter coffee makers work similarly to Italian ones but need electricity. The water in the container gets hot and passes drop by drop through a filter. It takes about 10 minutes for the coffee to be ready. To choose between a drip filter machine or a coffee machine, take into account what we mentioned earlier.

Coffee machine in kitchen.

What types of coffee can be prepared in a coffee machine?

  • In the previous paragraphs, you have seen almost every coffee you can make with a coffee machine. But, we haven’t mentioned some of them yet, and you probably don’t know precisely what each one is. With that in mind, we have prepared the list below to clarify how each type of coffee is made: Coffee in the drip filter: This type of coffee is prepared with hot water that drips when passing through a filter that is full of ground coffee. In coffee machines, the drink usually comes directly from the cup.
  • Espresso: This is a more robust coffee, prepared in a smaller cup. In some cases, it has a layer of creamy foam on the top.
  • Cappuccino: Uses espresso, hot milk and milk froth, all in proportion. Then, you can put chocolate powder on top of the foam to add a finishing touch.
  • Latte: A latte is simply a latte. It is prepared by mixing espresso with hot milk. At the top, you can also have milk foam.
  • Americano: Mixing espresso with hot water.

Is the coffee machine practical?

You may wonder if coffee machines are practical daily. You might think that preparing coffee individually means wasting time compared to preparing it in the coffee maker. It is true that if you have to make several coffees, it will take a while, but it is not that long either. On the other hand, if the idea is to make just one coffee, it will be a quick process.

Does the coffee machine require any maintenance?

Coffee machines need little maintenance. What needs to be done is to clean both the water repository and, above all, the milk repository. Dismountable parts must also be cleaned. Some machines can be placed in the washing machine. The outer part can be cleaned with a damp cloth and dried with a cloth.

How to use a coffee machine safely?

You must always use a coffee machine in complete safety. It is vital to keep the machine out of the reach of children, as they may think it is a toy. Also, when using the machine, keep children away. Read the instructions carefully and be careful with all warnings in the manual. Please do not touch the parts when they are hot to avoid burning yourself.

How to use the coffee machine?

  1. Most coffee machines are very simple to use. What makes it easy to use is the control panel, which is very intuitive. Despite this, it may be useful to review the instructions to remember how the machine should be used. Of course, each machine model has its peculiarities, but, now we will show you a basic and standard step by step: Read the instructions in the coffee machine manual carefully;
  2. Check that the water and milk store has enough liquid;
  3. Check that all parts of the machine are fitted where they should be;
  4. Turn on the coffee maker and make sure everything works correctly;
  5. Put the coffee powder in the filter indicated for that purpose;
  6. Choose the type of coffee you want to prepare and all the necessary options for that;
  7. Place the cup and press the button to prepare the coffee.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the coffee machine?

All the information you have seen throughout this Guide will help to make a more suitable coffee machine purchase. You already know what characteristics the machines should have and why they are the best option for preparing coffee. But, there are still some aspects to discover. Before, we want you to know the main advantages of this type of machine.Benefits

  • They prepare delicious coffee
  • They are easy to use
  • They prepare various types of coffee


  • Have a higher price than other utensils
  • Take up more space

Purchasing Criteria

We are finishing this Buying Guide. At this point in the text, you already know many outstanding aspects of the coffee machine that will be useful in deciding which model you will buy. But, there are still issues that you should pay attention to. In the next topics, you will discover some essential Purchase Criteria. Pay close attention to each one.

  • Steampipe or milk tank
  • Cup warmer
  • Cleaning
  • Design
  • Pressure bars

Steampipe or milk tank

The coffee machine may have a milk tank that incorporates this foam drink into the cup. There may also be a steam tube to heat the milk. The first allows you to adjust the amount of foam that will be incorporated into the drink, while the second is used to increase or decrease the steam pressure. The milk tank is more comfortable than the steam pipe.

Cup warmer

One aspect that you should check on your coffee machine is whether it has a cup warmer. It is a kind of grid that is at the top of the machine. Its purpose is to place the cups on top to make them warm. So, when you prepare coffee, it stays hot for longer. Without a doubt, it is an exciting option.


Another point to be assessed is whether the machine is easy to clean. Ideally, it is possible to dismantle as many parts as possible. Some models can even be placed in the dishwasher. Cleaning will prevent the accumulation of both dirt and lime that usually comes in the water. To eliminate this last element, it is better to put filtered or bottled water in the coffee machine.


Coffee machines tend to have beautiful designs, and this is a feature that you should evaluate when making your purchase. Do not forget that this utensil is of considerable size and will be used daily. That is, it will not be kept, it will always be in view, so it is interesting that it is beautiful.

Pressure bars

The bars on a coffee machine measure the pressure that the device is capable of exerting. The higher the number, the more pressure will be released on the coffee when it is prepared. This helps the drink to taste more intensely. Know that it is from 9 bar that it is possible to prepare an espresso. Still, if this value is higher, you will notice it by the more intense flavour.


A coffee machine allows you to enjoy the best of this drink without leaving your home. Also, it allows you to prepare different types of coffee, such as espresso, cappuccino or latte. As you have seen, this type of machine offers more advantages than other coffee makers available on the market. The use is intuitive and straightforward and best of all: there is no need to buy capsules, but coffee powder, which makes the price of each cup taken much lower.

You also saw that it is essential to choose a coffee machine model that is easy to clean, that has an attractive design, and that prepares the milk froth in a simple way. Try to find the best value for money to invest your money in this tool. Even though coffee machines have higher prices, the features they have to make up for the expense.

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