Coffee maker: What’s the best of 2020?

coffee maker and cups

One of the most common items in a kitchen is a coffee maker, either in a home or in offices. More and more capsule models have become popular, but the more traditional ones are still on the rise.

Starting the day with a cup of coffee is a key part of many people’s daily lives, which is why it is essential to choose your coffee maker carefully. Want to find the best coffee maker? So, don’t miss the information we’ve prepared for you in this shopping guide.

The most important

  • Depending on the chosen coffee maker model, the coffee will have a more intense or milder flavour.
  • Some coffee makers offer additional benefits like heating milk, making milk froth or making other drinks.
  • There are different types of coffee makers, such as capsules, French, electric, among others. Check everything about this subject in this article.

The best coffee makers on the market

To choose the ideal coffee maker, you must know what some of the best models available on the market are. Therefore, we have organized a selection below with some successful models, so that your choice is easier.

  • The best electric coffee maker
  • The best capsule coffee maker
  • The best French coffee maker

The best electric coffee maker

Programmable Flavor Coffee Maker, Red, 220v, Oster

This electric coffee maker is a great choice for those who want convenience, as it allows you to schedule the start of the preparation of your coffee and has a special cleaning cycle in which you simply add water to the tank and press a button to do this cleaning.

The best capsule coffee maker

Nespresso Inissia, Coffee Machine, 110V, Black

This Nespresso coffee maker allows the automatic preparation of Espresso coffee and Lungo coffee. It also has quick heating, a removable tray for preparing special drinks and automatically shuts off after 9 minutes. In addition to all this, it is available in fun colors and has an ergonomic lever.

The best French coffee maker

French Press Coffee Maker, Black, Hamilton Beach

This French coffee maker is ideal for preparing not only coffee but also tea and delicious hot chocolates. It has superior gliding performance and a self-cleaning function. Its use is straightforward and does not require programming or electricity.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About a Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and choosing the ideal coffee maker is key to having a quality drink. Check below for answers to the main questions on the topic, so that you stay well informed and make the right choice.

girl making some coffee

What types of coffee makers are there?

  • To know which coffee maker to buy, you must know the differences that exist between the different models. Check out what they are: Electric coffee maker. To prepare the coffee, you will need to insert the filter, add water to the tank, add the coffee powder and start the machine. This type of coffee maker is one of the most common.
  • Italian coffee maker. It has a lower water reservoir and into which a funnel with coffee is placed. At the top, the coffee is separated from the funnel. It works by raising the heating water through the funnel until it reaches the top.
  • French coffee maker. They are composed of a jug that has a plunger inside, and both coffee and boiling water are deposited inside it. This should then remain at rest for a few minutes, and then the plunger is lowered. In this way, the coffee obtained is filtered.
  • Capsule coffee maker. They are similar to espresso machines, but instead of coffee, they use disposable capsules. You need to fill the water tank, insert the capsule and press the button. The hot water will pass through the capsule, and the coffee will be ready. Some machines also prepare other types of drinks.
  • Espresso machine. They are similar to those found in coffee shops but designed for home use. You should fill the tank with water and the coffee filter and then place it in the filter holder. When you turn on the coffee maker, the water will come out under pressure through the filter. They may also have a milk container or a milk frother.

What is the best domestic coffee maker?

Any of the above models is perfect for home use, but the choice also depends on the use you intend to make of the product. Of course, if you want a quick coffee, capsules are the best option. But if you’re going to have coffee throughout the day, bet on an electric or French coffee maker. On the other hand, if you want to make coffee for several people, an electric or Italian model will be the best choice. Finally, if you need a coffee maker that makes coffee similar to what you drink in a coffee shop, you’ll love an espresso machine.

coffee and a mug

What is the best coffee maker for an office?

If the choice of a coffee maker for a home depends on different factors, opting for a model for the office is simpler, as the ideal, in this case, is to obtain a coffee maker in capsules. This type of coffee maker is very comfortable, it prepares individual coffees, and you do not need a kitchen. Although this model is ideal for an office, if you want a more economical option, we recommend an electric coffee maker.

Is it a good idea to buy two coffee makers?

Although the initial expense is higher, for many having two coffee makers can be savings, as long as the models complement each other. For example, a large-capacity Italian coffee maker can complement an espresso machine or a capsule machine, because the first can be used when you have guests at home and the other when you need to prepare just one cup of coffee.

Is it better to have an Italian coffee maker or a coffee maker?

It is possible that, after what you have seen so far, your main question is whether to bet on an Italian coffee maker or a coffee maker. The former is one of the most found in homes for decades, and the latter has become popular in recent years. If you also have doubts between these two models, the following table can help you.

Preparing a coffeeX
Preparing various coffeesX
Ease of cleaningX
Best coffee maker priceX
Best price of coffeeX
Coffee intensityX
Greater variety of flavorsX
Prepare other drinksX

What does the pressure of a coffee maker mean?

  • The pressure of a coffee maker is measured in bars, and the intensity of the drink depends on this value. In general terms, we can say that the more pressure, the more potent the coffee will be. Please pay attention to the following data related to this subject; they will help you make the best decision. Professional coffee maker. The machines you find in cafeterias have 9 bars. They don’t need more, as they have rotary pumps that give enough pressure to make an espresso.
  • Household coffee maker. It must have a pressure of 15 bars so that your water pump exerts the pressure necessary to prepare an intense coffee. Some models reach more than 19 bars and, thus, the drink gains even more intensity.
  • Italian coffee maker. The intensity of this type of coffee maker does not depend on the bars.

What type of coffee to use with each coffee maker?

  • The type of coffee you should use with each coffee maker is essential so that you can make a drink with more quality. Check the list below with the types of coffees to be used in each coffee maker. We do not include capsule models in the list below. Electric coffee maker. The best option is Arabica coffee with medium grind and fine grind.
  • Italian coffee maker. Ideally, use a coffee with a fine grind that combines the Arabica and Robusta varieties.
  • French coffee maker. We recommend that you use any coffee with a coarse grind.
  • Express coffee maker. The ideal is that the coffee is of the Arabica variety and has a fine grind, although it can also be mixed with Robusta.
serving a little of coffee

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a coffee maker?

A coffee maker has numerous advantages and disadvantages, and, for you to consider the pros and cons of buying an item like this, check out the table below:Benefits

  • There are very versatile models
  • Most of them are easy to clean
  • Most of them are compact


  • The price of the capsules is high
  • Waste produced by capsule coffee makers

Purchasing criteria

Now that you have a better understanding of what coffee makers are and how they work, it is important that you understand what are the criteria you should review before purchasing. Check out what they are below:

Type of coffee maker

It is important to compare the main characteristics of each coffee maker, so the following table will be essential for you to make your final decision. Evaluate the different characteristics of each one and bet on the model that best meets all your needs. Check out what they are below:

Type of coffeeSoftIntenseDepends on the amount of coffeeIntenseDepends on the type of capsule
CoffeeUsedGroundGroundGroundGroundIn capsules
How many coffeesSeveralSeveral, although there are individual modelsSeveral, although there are individual modelsOne or twoOne, although there are models that prepare several cups
TemperatureKeeps coffee hot for several minutesKeeps coffee hot for a short timeDoes not keep coffee hotDoes not keep coffee hotDoes not keep coffee hot
MaintenanceThere are single-use filtersSometimes you need to change some partsMinimumMinimumMinimum
CleaningYou need to wash the jar and the filterSimpleSimpleUse cleaning mode every now and thenUse cleaning mode every now and then

Coffee cup price

How much will it cost you to make a coffee with your chosen coffee maker? You should know whether the coffee maker uses ground coffee or capsules. Ground coffee has a much lower cost than a capsule, so it is important that you evaluate this aspect carefully, so you don’t end up spending more than you expected.

italian coffee maker

Hot coffee

For some people, the coffee must stay very hot. In this case, we recommend that you bet on an Italian coffee maker, as the drink is made at a high temperature. On other models, this may not be guaranteed. In this regard, espresso machines and capsule machines are also a good option.


If you like personalized and different coffees, we recommend that you bet on a capsule coffee maker. With them it is possible to choose flavours of coffees from different origins and surprise your guests, preparing a coffee adapted to the taste of each of them.

Accessories, spare parts and technical services

Another aspect that you should consider when buying your coffee maker is whether it includes any accessories. The possibilities are many: milk jug, measuring spoon, spare rubbers, cleaning capsules, among others. You should also consider whether it is easy to obtain replacement parts if you need them or if there is a technical service that you can turn to if it is defective.


After reviewing the essential aspects of these items, you are now likely to be more sure about which type of coffee maker to choose. After all, in view of so many models on the market, it is essential to know which is the best fit in your life.

Therefore, evaluate various aspects of your life, such as whether it will be used in an office or a home. This way, you can have a better idea about the ideal model according to her capacity.

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