Complete Analysis of the 4 Best Espresso Coffee Makers in the Market

Are you looking to innovate at coffee time and want to know which is the best espresso machine on the market?

Many people who want to buy this product look for  the best espresso machine , but do not know how to choose the ideal model for their usage profile.

That’s why the Electro Guide helps you in this mission!

what is the best espresso machine on the market
Espresso : A worldwide passion  (Source Img: MdeMulher)

The Electro Guide indicates the best espresso machine on the market, divided into different categories!

Nespresso Inissia

The Nespresso is a company belonging to the group Nestlé , being a trailblazer in the capsule system, and the owner of the trade of such equipment until the fall of the patent in 2012. This entire period of exclusivity made a mark is the most recognized segment.

Nespresso continues to honor this status, with great products, such as the Inissia model.

Main Differentials

The widest range of coffees

The appliances of the brand are single  drink , that is, with them it is only possible to prepare coffee (with some exceptions).

But this makes the brand a great option for those who want a product specialized in coffee. That’s because, by focusing only on this drink, Nespresso was able to develop the largest and most praised collection of flavors today.

The brand has more than 20 types of “grand crus”, as its coffee is called. Drinks are divided by intensity , ranging from 3 to 12, cup size , ranging from ristretto, espresso and lungo, and “aromatic family” , ranging from fruity, balanced and intense.

Several options : More than 20 varieties of coffee  (Source Img: Nespresso)

Without a doubt, Inissia is a great option for those who want a machine focused on preparing coffee of the most varied types, with quality recognized by consumers, and also for those who do not insist on other drinks (chocolate, cappuccinos and teas).

Light and compact

Nowadays, more and more people are living in smaller environments, where each extra piece of equipment represents a significant space that is lost in the house.

For this consumer profile, Inissia is a good option

This machine is very compact , (WxHxD: 12cm; 23cm; 32.1cm), and can be placed anywhere in the house without stealing free living space, or even on the company’s work desk, without disturbing daily activities.

Light and compact: Does not take up much space on the work table (Source Img:

Efficient features

A point in favor of Inissia is the fact that, even though it is very compact, it has characteristics that make it very efficient , among which stand out:

700ml reservoir : provides an approximate autonomy of up to 17 short or 6 long coffees, being easy to fit and detach.

700ml reservoir: Up to 17 short or 6 long (Source Img:

Automatic shutdown : After 9 min of inactivity, Inissia shuts down on its own, which is a great resource to save energy.

Foldable drip tray : allows containers of various sizes to be used, such as cups, mugs or glasses.

Foldable tray: Allows the use of various cup sizes (Source Img:

Cons : The know-how that Nespresso has developed in the segment, and the superior quality that the company has managed to achieve, would invariably have a price. The brand’s capsules are the most expensive, ranging from R $ 1.75 to R $ 2.30 each , being sold in packages with at least 10 units.

It is also only possible to buy them online or at specialized stores , which makes access difficult for those who live far from large urban centers.

For those who are ideal

The Inissia is especially suitable for those seeking to know the best espresso machine, and want a product that is both focused on coffee preparation , and also is compact and efficient .

Added to the largest collection of flavors today , capable of pleasing even the most demanding palates, to a compact device , which has good autonomy and efficient resources, and we have a product that provides an advanced use experience.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me

The Nestlé also has its line of multibebidas equipment , which are those that produce greater variety of beverages, called Nescafé Dolce Gusto .

And the most modern and well-evaluated model of this line today is the Dolce Gusto Mini Me , a device that stands out for its versatility and ease of use .

Main Differentials


The Dolce Gusto Mini Me is one of the beverage equipment encapsulated most versatile today. This is due to two main factors :

Preparation of cold drinks : With Mini Me it is possible to prepare in addition to traditional hot drinks, cold drinks. For now, two flavors of Nestea® branded iced tea (lemon and peach) are available.

New : Selector allows you to choose between cold or hot water  (Source Img: Dolce Gusto)

Easy programming

One point where many manufacturers still sin when planning the design of their products is the issue of ease of programming .

The simpler and more intuitive the device’s controls are, the less likely it is that the program will be mistaken and misused by consumers.

And at this point Mini Me stands out a lot

Dolce Gusto capsules come with a scale scale , which symbolizes the level of water that each drink needs. On the Mini Me panel there is exactly the same scale, in a selector format, where you can choose one of the levels.

Level selector : Easy use and less chance of errors  (Source Img: Dolce Gusto)

So, to prepare the drink correctly, just select the option on the Mini Me panel exactly the same as indicated on the capsule, choose between hot or cold water, and wait for the preparation to finish.

It sounds simple, but this function completely automates the preparation of drinks, and drastically reduces the chance of handling error by the user.

Cons : A very common feature on capsule models is the compartment that stores these used containers. This piece eliminates the need for “take and put” capsules.

However, at Mini Me , this compartment does not exist. It is necessary to remove the empty capsule every time an operating cycle ends, which slightly reduces the practicality of the device.

For those who are ideal

The Dolce Gusto Mini Me is ideal for those seeking how best espresso machine market, and want a versatile product and easy to use .

The device is capable of producing various types of drinks in addition to coffee, such as Nestea® iced tea and Nescau® chocolate , and also has simple programming , which avoids errors when preparing drinks.

3 Hearts Three Mode

After the fall of patents in 2012, encapsulated drinks started to become popular quickly, with new manufacturers entering the segment.

One of the most classic examples of this market opening is that of 3 Corações , a Brazilian company with the largest participation in the segment of encapsulated drinks.

Main Differentials

Faces high demand

Many consumers give up on buying an encapsulated drink device because they believe they will “go broke” , due to the need to buy capsules frequently.

This is a fact to consider if you are purchasing a product for use by many people, such as large families or companies .

And in this case, Tres Modo is a great option,  due to two main factors:

Large water reservoir: The Tres Modo reservoiris one of the largest today, with a capacity of 1.2 liters . This makes this model capable of preparing more drinks without having to refuel, which greatly increases its  autonomy  in environments with high demand.

1.2 liter reservoir : Greater autonomy in places of high demand  (Source Img: Everything with coffee)

Good replacement price : 3 Corações capsules have a very competitive price since they can be found easily in supermarkets and e-commerce, which raises competition and makes the price of capsules fall.

This makes it less expensive to maintain this equipment in high-demand environments. Added to this is the large water reservoir  and the quality of the coffee,  and we have equipment with great cost-benefit for the consumer.

Tres® Capsules : Easily found in supermarkets  (Source Img: Peixe Urbano)

Bold design

Electric coffee makers have become real items of decoration in recent years, and there is a real competition between brands to produce the appliance with the most praised and desired design by consumers.

Tres Modo is one of the equipment that stands out in this regard

This model has an excellent design , with metallic finish and modern lines, which give an air of very high sophistication to the product, making it add positively to the decoration of the environment in which it is inserted.

Sophisticated design adds positively to the decor  (Source Img: Fast Shop)

Another difference is the fact that Tres Modo is available in seven colors (blue, red, green, white, black, orange and purple), which increases the chances of finding a device that exactly matches the environment in which it will be placed.

Variety of colors is another differential of the device  (Source Img: HT Fórum)

Cons : Tres Modo ‘sprogrammingis color-guided . Each capsule of the company has the design of a cup painted in a certain color, and to program the device, you must choose the panel buttons with the corresponding colors.

Color programs are not suitable for products like this, as they make it difficult to use for those who have difficulty distinguishing colors, such as the elderly or people with vision disorders, such as color blindness.

For those who are ideal

The Tres Mode of 3 Hearts is suitable for those seeking how best espresso machine market, and needs a device that realizes high demand usage . It is also ideal for those who want something with sophisticated design  that adds to the decoration of the home or work.

This is because this model has one of the largest water tanks (1.2L) , has capsules at a good price and easy to find , and also has an elegant design , being available in seven different colors.

Mondial C-08

To finish this list, an option for those looking for the best espresso machine, but do not want equipment that works with the encapsulation system.

The Mondial C-08 is one of the rare examples of the traditional domestic espresso machine widely approved by consumers , being a great option for those who like coffee taken in the classic way.

Main Differentials

Freedom of use

As much as the capsule devices have given the opportunity for any layman in coffee to produce their own espresso without prior knowledge, there is a limitation: use a brand of coffee different from the brand of the equipment.

And there’s the great advantage of the Mondial C-08

It allows the use of any brand of coffee for the production of an espresso. It is possible to use from the cheapest powder, to products from the most selected grains.

Model allows the use of any brand  (Source Img: Starlimp)

If the preparation process is conducted correctly, it is possible to obtain an espresso with all its characteristics, such as a good crema and full-bodied texture, using any coffee powder from the supermarket , with the question of the brand only interfering with the flavor and aroma of the coffee. beverage.

Cafeteria resources

The Mondial C-08 is a domestic version of the equipment present in cafeterias, so it was expected that this model had features similar to these.

And the C-08 has these features, the most notable:

Milk vaporizer : Used to heat milk under pressure and make it more creamy. With this piece, it is possible to prepare several more elaborate versions of the traditional coffee with milk, such as cappuccino and late macchiato .

Milk Vaporizer : Allows cappuccino, late macchiato and other milk drinks to be prepared  (Source Img: Youtube)

Nozzle for two cups : With this nozzle it is possible to prepare up to two drinks at once, which greatly speeds up kitchen life for those in a hurry.

Nozzle for two cups : More efficiency when serving  (Source Img: Youtube)

Filters of different sizes: Just like a professional unit, that Mondial has filters of different sizes. In this case, there are two, one for the production of short coffee (simple), and the other for long coffee (double) .

Filters of two sizes : Preparation of short and long  (Source Img: Mondial)

Cons : Unlike the capsule machines, which practically make the drink on their own, with the Mondial C-08 it is necessary to learn how to make coffee the right way, and the chance of “getting the hand wrong” at the beginning is quite large, which can frustrate more anxious people.

If you do not have time or do not intend to dedicate yourself to learn the “art of espresso”, prefer the capsule equipment.

For those who are ideal

The Mondial C-08 is an excellent option for those looking for the best espresso coffee maker on the market, and want a home appliance that preserves the traditional ritual of espresso preparation, and that is also widely approved by consumers .

This product gives the freedom for each person to use the brand of coffee powder that appeals to them the most, and also has very difficult features to be found in capsule models, such as the milk vaporizer and the nozzle for two cups .

See what is important to know before buying an espresso machine!

Coffee maker types

The main difference between espresso and traditional coffee is in the form of preparation . The espresso must be “drawn” under pressure, which gives the drink a creamy and fuller texture.

Today, there are two main types of espresso machine:

Traditional : These are big machines in cafeterias and bakeries , in which the drink is taken through the “pipes” , pieces where the powder is placed, and where the high pressure water passes. There are domestic versions of this equipment, smaller and lighter.

Traditional machine : Classic way of preparing espresso  (Source Img: Café Ouro Negro)

Capsules : Intended for domestic use, they revolutionized the market by allowing anyone to produce quality espresso coffee. The capsules already have the exact amount of powder, and the devices are pre-programmed to pour the ideal amount of water for the size of the selected drink.

Encapsulated Express : Revolution in the way of preparing the drink  (Image: Jornal Ciência)

What shouldn’t be missing from a domestic espresso machine?

Anyone looking for the best espresso maker on the market should choose products that have at least the following features:

Quality coffee : In the case of capsule models, it is only possible to use the powder of the manufacturer’s brands *. In Brazil, in general, the manufacturers of encapsulated drink have good quality.

Encapsulated beverage brands operating in Brazil

* There are companies that manufacture capsules compatible with Nespresso , but the manufacturer does not cover damages that they may bring to the equipment.

Automatic operation : No need to control the flow manually (valid only for encapsulated drinks);

Reservoir : Must have at least 0.5 liters, and be easy to fit and detach;

Adjustable cup holder adjustment : Allows use of different container sizes;

Home cafeteria

These were the tips from the Electro Guide for you who are looking for the best espresso coffee maker on the market . Now just choose the one that best fits your preferences!

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