Electric coffee maker: How to choose the best of 2020?

Image shows a cup of coffee seen from above with coffee beans on the side.

Having an electric coffee maker at home is increasingly common today. This is a practical, fast and affordable appliance. After all, which Brazilian does not have a coffee in the morning, after lunch and / or in the afternoon?

Both at work and at home, an electric coffee maker is useful. It cannot be denied that it greatly facilitates the production of a cup of coffee.

Unlike the traditional coffee strainer, the electric coffee maker does not require the use of gas and a stove to heat water, dispenses with the use of paper strainers, prevents dirt, is easy to clean and still keeps the coffee hot.

Coffee makers vary widely in price, size, design and functions. It is good to know for sure what you are looking for in an electric coffee maker before choosing the model to buy. In this article, we will talk about the best electric strainer coffee makers – espresso machines are not included here.

First, the most important

  • Coffee makers differ considerably from each other in terms of speed. This is linked to the power, in watts, of each model. The more powerful the coffee maker, the faster it heats the water and prepares the coffee. And of course, the more power, the higher the price.
  • The capacity of each electric coffee maker will depend on the size of your pot. This will also influence, of course, its design, the weight and size of the coffee maker as a whole. Capacity can be measured in liters and / or in cups of coffee.
  • The price range of coffee makers is an important criterion to take into account. We separated here more accessible coffee makers, ranging from R $ 60 to R $ 270.

Best Electric Coffee Makers: Our Favorites

A warm coffee, in the right measure, can make all the difference in your day. If you believe in it and want to prepare your daily coffee more easily, here are some of the best models of electric coffee makers on the market.

  • Oster Flavor Digital Electric Coffee Maker
  • Electrolux Love Your Day Coffee Maker
  • Britânia CP15 and CP30 Coffee Maker
  • Single Colors Cadence Coffee Maker

Oster Flavor Digital Electric Coffee Maker

Programmable Flavor Coffee Maker, Black, 220v, Oster

The Oster 4401 is a more complete electric coffee maker than the others in this category and price range. Its special functions compensate for its slightly high weight and value. It has the basic functions, like the others: base that keeps the coffee warm, glass jar, permanent filter and drip cutter system. Your pitcher holds 36 coffees – while most hold 30.

In addition, it has an automatic shutdown system, preventing the coffee from burning, preventing accidents with the plate and also ending the waste of energy. Its differential is a programmable Timer, which allows you to choose a time for coffee to be made alone every day.

Another special feature is the intensity selection – choose whether you want the strongest or most moderate coffee. Finally, it also has a self-cleaning system.

Electrolux Love Your Day Coffee Maker

Love Your Day Stainless Steel Coffee Maker, 30 Cups, Electrolux, Black with Silver / Brushed Steel Details, 110V

Electrolux Love Your Day CMM20 is very resistant and durable. In addition, it has a glass jar with high capacity – it prepares up to 30 coffees (small cups) at once.

It has a heating plate and drip cutter to serve coffee before it is finished. It has a solid and elegant finish. It is a more robust cafeteria – which increases its durability, but makes it heavier.

Its 1000W power makes it extremely efficient and fast. It also has an automatic shutdown system, which saves a lot of energy and prevents accidents. Its disadvantage is that it does not have a permanent filter – it is necessary to use disposable paper.

Britânia CP15 and CP30 Coffee Maker

Coffee maker Cp15 Inox, 550w, 110v, 63901065 Britânia Preto

Britânia CP15 enters the list for its cost-benefit, mainly. It is a simple electric coffee maker, basic in its functions. Despite not having the greatest durability, its very affordable price, its compact size and its lightness make it a wild card.

It has an iron plate that keeps the glass jar warm, a drip-cut system and a permanent filter. Its low price reflects the reduced capacity of the jar, of only 15 small cups of coffee at a time, and also its relative fragility. The CP30 is your sister. It is a coffee maker practically the same, but that holds twice as much. She makes up to 30 small cups of coffee at a time.

Single Colors Cadence Coffee Maker

Single Colors Sweet Coffee Maker, Cadence CAF117-220, Pink

This electric coffee maker differs from the others in some ways. She doesn’t have a glass jar, for example. This may seem like a problem – but for people who live alone and make small amounts of coffee at once, it is an advantage.

Prepare smaller amounts of coffee at once. Accompanies two porcelain cups of the brand itself. The coffee is made and placed in both at the same time. Its water measurement is only in the body, has a permanent filter and has a removable, non-slip tray on the base. Thus, the cups do not slip.

It has a beautiful and fun design, as it has several colors to choose from. It fits in any kitchen, as it is compact and light. It is an excellent option for those who live alone and / or drink little coffee.

Buying Guide

Your hot coffee ready in minutes, with almost no effort and as you prefer. It sounds like a dream, but we are only talking about electric coffee makers.

In the Buying Guide below, you will know all the information you need to use when deciding to buy your new electric coffee maker.woman in coat holding mug of coffee.  your face does not appear in the photo

What is an electric coffee maker?

Fresh and warm coffee every morning, especially if it is done quickly and simply. That’s what everyone wants to start their day off right. In the rush of everyday life, people seek more and more practicality for their routine.

Electric coffee makers are a very simple type of appliance, which easily wins preference in families and businesses. They have a simple water heating system, which passes through the coffee powder, being filtered and quickly making you have a hot and well-dosed coffee.

Easy to operate, it is suitable for families or companies, as it produces a large volume of coffee. For those who live alone it might be better to check out the capsule coffee maker models .Image shows electric coffee maker with glass jar.

The electric coffee maker requires much less work to make hot and fresh coffee. 

What are the disadvantages advantages of the electric coffee maker?

The biggest advantage of the electric coffee maker is, without a doubt, practicality. Handmade coffee requires attention and soils more utensils – bottle or jug, cups, filter holder, kettle to boil water, etc.

In addition, so that the coffee does not become watery and / or taste bad, it is necessary to pass the water slowly. With the electric coffee maker, just add the powder, the amount of water and turn it on. You don’t have to worry about anything else, you can do other things, and in no time your coffee will be ready.

A very important point of coffee makers is that, with a few rare exceptions, they keep coffee hot for up to a few hours. They have a plate at their base that, while switched on, heats up and keeps the jar and coffee warm.

Having an electric coffee maker is a good way to keep your coffee cool. There is another possible use of this system, too – leaving the coffee made, cold, to be heated at another time of the day.

Just switch on the coffee maker normally, and the coffee from before will be heated again. The fact that these coffee makers dispense with disposable filters is another big advantage. So you spend much less money on filters and still contribute to the preservation of the environment.

The coffee makers come with a filter holder and permanent filter, both removable. Just wash with the rest of the dishes and you’re done. Finally, some more sophisticated electric coffee makers are programmable, have a timer and automatic shutdown system. All this to reduce your work and save electricity.

There are also some disadvantages, such as the expense of electricity and high prices, depending on the model. Check the table below:Benefits

  • Easy and practical coffee preparation
  • Ability to make more than 1 liter with ease
  • Easy to clean and disposes of disposable paper filters
  • Programmable models start preparing themselves
  • Models with automatic shutdown avoid wasting energy


  • Takes up space in the kitchen, especially more robust models
  • Glass jars break easily in the event of a fall
  • Model without automatic shutdown can cause accidents

What is the difference between electric and capsule coffee makers?

Although both have the same goal, to prepare a delicious and warm coffee, they have more differences than similarities.

As we have seen, the electric ones have a simple water heating system, which passes through the coffee powder, being filtered and making you quickly have a hot and well-dosed coffee. They are practical, just put the coffee powder, fill the water tank and turn on.

In a few minutes the coffee will be ready in the glass refractory. It is ideal for families, as it is not worth switching on an electric coffee maker to produce a cup of coffee. And this is precisely the great difference between the two.

For once, the capsule coffee maker is the ideal option for those who live alone, for example, since with it you can make a single cup of coffee, avoiding waste.

This model is also more expensive and needs the capsules to work, which generates an extra expense with the purchase of encapsulated coffee. Compare:

How much?

Electric coffee makers vary widely in price, depending on the design, the material of the body, the finish, the quality of the jar, the capacity of coffee made in one go, etc.

In addition to the basic requirements, the brand will influence a lot. Some brands are known for making household appliances with durable and resistant, robust materials, so prices are higher even without special features and functions.

Coffeemakers with more electronic features, such as timers, programming and the like, will be even more expensive. You can find coffee makers from R $ 60 and up to R $ 1,400. Our selection, however, has coffee makers around R $ 100 and R $ 200.

Where to buy?

This is an advantage of buying an electric coffee maker: it is very easy to find. You can find coffee makers in stores and supermarkets of all kinds – home appliances, department stores, regular hypermarkets, etc.

It is recommended, however, that you choose to buy over the internet. You have access to several models, different prices and still have the convenience of receiving it at your home. The best virtual stores for this are the big ones, like Amazon, Magazine Luiza, Submarino and Americanas.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing electric coffee maker models

To choose the best electric coffee maker for you, first know what criteria you need to keep in mind. Think carefully about how you will use it to discern which model is right for you.

These are the main factors that you should take into account when choosing the best model of electric coffee maker:

  • Coffee capacity (in liters or cups)
  • Price
  • Durability and resistance
  • Additional resources
  • Size

Below you will see details about each of these criteria.

Coffee capacity

It is the amount of coffee that the coffee maker can make at one time. It is measured by liters and / or coffees – or small cups. In general, both forms of measurement appear in the jar and where the water is placed.

Do you drink coffee alone, just once a day? Or does the family drink every morning? Or maybe you are looking for a coffee maker to be used at the firm all day?

Coffee makers range from 10 to more than 30 coffees at once. This criterion is essential – do not choose a small coffee maker that does not keep up with demand, nor a large one that will waste coffee every day.


Coffee maker prices vary widely. Research the models you want, and know exactly what you need. Avoid paying two or even three times more than you need to.

This is an important criterion to choose, because the budget that you have available for the purchase of your electric coffee maker already indicates certain models and excludes others, making it easier to choose.

Durability and resistance

Some inexpensive coffee makers are known to be short-lived. They break easily, both in their internal system and in the finish.

Others, more robust, last much longer and break with difficulty. If you want to use a lot, such as in an office where it always stays on, choose a coffee maker with a higher price, but that lasts longer.

Check especially the jar material, because they are made of glass, they can break easily and it is often difficult to find the spare model to replace. Make sure the jar is not too fragile.

Additional resources

Many of the coffee makers are sophisticated, with features such as timer, programming, auto shutdown system and even the intensity of the coffee flavor. Are they essential to you? Is it worth paying a considerably higher price for these perks?

Reflect on these issues before your choice. It is worth remembering that the more sophisticated the coffee maker is, the more difficult it is to maintain it. And all of those extra features come at the price of it. If your budget is tight, these resources are not essential.

Size and design

closeup of the glass jar of a white electric coffee maker with coffee

Choose an electric coffee maker that is in harmony with the rest of the environment, whether in the kitchen or office. 

A very large and heavy coffee maker can be a burden in your kitchen or pantry. Will it fit well? Where can it be fitted? And the design? Will it clash with the rest of the kitchen?

Don’t forget to see how much space you have available, and whether there is actually an electric coffee maker in your kitchen. Sizes, colors, appearance and weight vary widely from model to model, from brand to brand

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