Everything you wanted to know about espresso capsule coffee makers


Making coffee at home for your mornings, afternoons or to receive visitors is a delight. And if what you want is espresso, we have the ideal solution for you to make it quickly and without having to develop special skills. 

Why buy an espresso capsule coffee maker?

Espresso is a very popular type of coffee, created in Italy and that has traveled the world. It comes from the word espresso, which means pressure , which, from the application of pressure in the process, results in a coffee with a high flavor and a natural creaminess.

But, like any advanced technique, operating an espresso machine is not very simple. It takes a lot of training, a lot of trial and error to get to the result. If you want ease, opting for the electric capsule coffee maker is the best way out.

How does the capsule system work?

nespresso coffee capsules

Coffee capsules of the most varied flavors

A capsule coffee maker works from pressure, like espresso coffee makers, but you won’t have to worry about having a coffee grinder or the dirtiness of the powder.

The right measure of the powder and the management of the water that comes heated from the reservoir are done automatically. The espresso falls into the cup and the capsule, after use, is discarded, without dirt.

This method of preparation brings a coffee similar to that of a coffee maker, ideal for serving, and without wasting time. You prepare your breakfast or afternoon coffee for family members without leaving them for a long time.

What are the main brands of espresso capsule coffee makers?

There are three famous manufacturers of capsule coffee makers on the market: Nespresso, from the manufacturer of the same name; the Dolce Gusto, Arno; and TRES, from Três Corações. Each machine has its particularities:

The Nespresso coffee machine has a line of grand crus, which is what your coffees call it, and is only intended for different flavors of coffee. There are options for additional or more advanced machines for making other hot drinks, but only based on coffee. It stands out for the variety of flavors of espresso.

The Dolce Gusto coffee maker, from Arno, and the TRES machine, from Três Corações are similar in operation and are called “multi-drink” machines, which include, in addition to espresso coffee, teas and chocolates. The Arno coffee maker is also capable of preparing cold drinks, further expanding this range.

How do I know the flavors of espresso?


A distinctive coffee taste

The machines usually carry sample capsules of each variation. It is a kind of welcome offered by the manufacturer and a sample of what is included in its catalog.

Taste and bookmark your favorites. If you need to, go to the official website of each coffee maker and explore the beverage options offered by each one.

Where do I buy my capsules?

Both Arno and Três Corações have an agreement to distribute capsules in supermarkets. Finding capsules for these espresso makers is not difficult, which increases convenience.

Those who choose a Nespresso will need to resort to specialized stores that are present in major capitals and large cities, or even order online. The manufacturer says that it does not sell these capsules on the market to have control over the quality of the coffee, due to the storage conditions of the product.

The plug on the coffee maker is bigger than my outlet, how come ???

The Brazilian standard of outlets includes different amperages. There are smaller capacity sockets, with 10 amps, and larger capacity sockets, with 20 amps.

Equipment such as microwave ovens and espresso makers consume more electricity and therefore need a larger outlet. Modern installation kitchens have already been prepared for her, look for the proper outlet in your kitchen.

If not, ask an electrician to change the outlet for you. The process is simple and quick. Manufacturers do not recommend the use of adapters that could, in some cases, lead to overload on the power grid.

Do these coffee makers vaporize milk?

For some drinks like the beloved cappuccino, you need to vaporize milk. Inlet capsule machines do not have a vaporizer, but there are some more advanced options that bring this feature.

Nespresso even has an extra accessory called Aeroccino, which is able to vaporize cold or hot milk to prepare different drinks.

How is the machine maintained?

Consult your machine manual for maintenance and cleaning tips. Properly dispose of the capsules after use and always fill your machine’s water tank with mineral water or filtered water.

Over time it will be necessary to carry out a process called descaling. Check with the manufacturer for descaling kits, which are easy to use and can be made by yourself at home.

In case of problems with the machine, contact authorized service.

Discover Dolce Gusto Arno coffee makers!

Dolce Gusto Mini Me and Piccolo coffee makers

Enjoying a cup of coffee makes many people’s day better! There are those who like to drink only in the morning, those who usually taste it 2 or 3 times and others who enjoy the drink throughout the day. For this reason, a coffee maker like Arno’s Dolce Gusto is sure to please those who do not give up delicious coffee!

Dolce Gusto cafes allow you to prepare everything from classic espresso to a creamy cappuccino. This product also pleases those who like teas, latte macchiato, mocha, among other delicacies. There are more than 20 different drinks , hot and cold, to suit all tastes.

All Dolce Gusto machines have a pressure of 15 bar , so you can have an aromatic, delicious and full-bodied espresso. The reservoir is transparent, with a capacity that varies between 600 ml and 1.2 liter, according to the model. The coffee makers have a Thermoblock system to guarantee the adequate temperature of the drink.

Stay on top of Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker models!

Mini Me

Dolce Gusto Mini Me Coffee Machine

Dolce Gusto Mini Me

The Mini-Me is acuteness and gives an agility show. As it is automatic, you only need to fill the tank, add the desired capsule to the holder, and get ready to have an incredible drink. The model can be purchased in several colors, including: red/black, white, red/gray, black, among others.

The operation of the Dolce Gusto Mini Me is automatically interrupted when the extraction process is finished. The tray can be adjusted whenever necessary, adapting to the size of the drink you want to make. Your container holds up to 1 liter , so you can offer a drink to all the guests.


Dolce Gusto Piccolo

Piccolo by Dolce Gusto

The Dolce Gusto Piccolo is visually very similar to the Mini Me, however, its operation is manual and has a reservoir for water up to 600 ml . Its compact format is very practical, allowing it to be placed in any corner of the home or office.

At the end of the extraction, the user needs to position the preparation lever in the neutral position, so the flow of the liquid is stopped. You can find this model in the colors: black, red / black or white .


Dolce Gusto Genio Coffee Maker

Dolce Gusto Genio Coffee Maker

The Dolce Gusto Genio coffee maker has a reservoir for up to 1 liter of water, enough to prepare up to 20 espressos. Its panel is very modern and easy to select. It has a Hot and Cold system, the blue signage should be used to make cold drinks, while the red one is for hot drinks.

The Autostop function provides more practicality, because with a simple touch it is possible to choose the water level, indicated on the capsule of the selected drink. Ready, wait for the preparation and the machine automatically stops the delivery. Taste without moderation!

Dolce Gusto coffee makers with distinctive design

Arno invests heavily in products with beautiful design, always bringing innovative pieces, such as the  Drop, Lumio, Movenza, Oblo and Infinissima models . All are automatic and excellently perform the function of extracting the drink with surprising flavor and aroma.

The Dolce Gusto Oblo has a container that allows adding 600 ml of water to drop the Lumio and support Movenza to 1 liter and Infinissima enables the addition of 1.2 liters up . Install any of these coffee makers in the environment, ensuring a modern look and practicality in preparing the drink.

The model Drop has Touchscreen panel, the user can select functions with simple touches of your fingers. The Lumio comes with the Eco Mode mode, which performs automatic shutdown when the device is in 1-minute inactivity.

With an automatic opening, Dolce Gusto Movenza transforms with just one touch. Its incredible format of the contemporary decorative piece turns into a professional quality coffee machine, a show of beauty and technology.

Flavors of Nescafé Capsules!

Dolce Gusto Nescafe Capsule Flavors

Dolce Gusto Nescafé Capsules

Dolce Gusto uses the practical capsules of Nescafé , which offers more than 20 flavors, pleasing all types of palates. The famous pure coffee can be enjoyed in the Espresso, Espresso Barista, Espresso Decaffeinated, Espresso Intenso, Ristretto or Ristretto Ardenza versions. And there are the long ones: Caffè Buongiorno and Lungo.

For breakfast , mixed with milk are a good choice, choose from the capsule options: Breakfast, Café au Lait, Caffè Matinal, Cortado, Cappuccino, Caramel Latte Macchiato, Mochaccino Canela and Latte Macchiato.

Those who like chocolate, Chococino, Chococino Caramel, Nescau and Mocha are the ideal ones, because they have the right creaminess. For people who prefer something more refreshing, Nescafé has developed the Nestea lemon, Nestea Peach flavors and Marrakesh Style Tea and Chai Tea Latte teas.

Choose the flavor you like best and Dolce Gusto extracts the best drink for you to taste!

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