French coffee maker: Learn how to choose the best of 2020

Image of French coffee maker under wooden table, with coffee beans on the side.

Most Brazilians love coffee, whether they wake up, socialize at work, stay awake or just enjoy the end of the day.

And this passion is also due to a growing gourmetization movement, in which coffee lovers seek a little more sophisticated ways of preparing the drink, whether in the selection of beans or in the form of preparation.

For that, how about a French coffee maker (or French press, as it is better known)? Never heard of them? Don’t worry, ReviewBox will help you choose the right model to make your coffee breaks even tastier.

First, the most important

  • Like any ritual, for the preparation of a gourmet coffee, you must learn to master the correct steps to have a good result. It’s not just about pushing a button.
  • If you are a little clumsy, opt for stainless steel models or with slightly more reinforced glass, so you will avoid breaks in the cleaning process.
  • Pay attention if the filter is well adjusted to the body of the product and if the holes are regular, this way you will prevent the powder from bittering your coffee.
  • Due to its size and process, the French coffee maker is not an option for very large groups, as the models usually offer the preparation of 4 to 8 cups of coffee.

Ranking: The 4 best French coffee makers

Wanting to prepare a differentiated coffee to delight with friends and family? Here are four of the best French coffee maker models on the market, so you can choose the one that best suits your need.

1º – Maxwell & Williams French Coffee Maker

Blend Mondo French Coffee Maker 1L Set 2 Pieces Maxwell & Williams Multicolour

Let’s start with this model from the Australian brand Maxwell & Williams. Its capacity is 1 liter / 8 cups, and although it is large compared to the other models listed in our selection, it does not lose all the flavor and aroma you expect from a good coffee.

Although the capacity is a beautiful eye-catcher compared to other models, we cannot ignore its beautiful design. This French coffee maker is made of borosilicate glass, resistant to high temperatures, a lid with steel and stainless steel details and an ergonomic handle, which will help you both to serve and to clean the product.

Its press mechanism has been specially developed to extract the maximum aroma and flavor from the product. And so you don’t get lost with the measurements, it comes with a measuring spoon. With an intermediate price and a beautiful design, it has everything to shine in your kitchen.

2nd – French Press Hario CPSS-2TB

French Press Slim HARIO Black 240 ml

If you are just starting to enjoy coffee or drink a few, the CPSS-STB model from Hario is certainly the best option for you. With a capacity of 240 ml (1 to 2 cups), it is ideal for those who are beginning to enjoy the drink or are beginning to venture into this type of specific preparation.

Its small size makes it very practical, light, easy to store or take with you wherever you want to enjoy good, tasty and aromatic coffee. Made of borosilicate glass, it is resistant to high temperatures.

To ensure that, in addition to being functional, the piece is attractive to the eye, the model has an acrylic lid, in addition to having fun prints, giving a very special touch to your coffee drinking ritual.

3rd – French Press Bialetti 1478

Preziosa French Press Coffee Maker, 350 ml, Bialetti

In an intermediate size, the French coffee maker from Bialetti presents itself as an interesting option for coffee lovers. The 350 ml capacity is enough for you to drink and share a good portion of steaming coffee.

Produced in stainless steel and glass, the Bialetti 1478 has an elegant and sophisticated design, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and style to your coffee corner, being a real decoration piece.

In addition to the beauty, the result of the action of this coffee maker is a beautiful coffee with intensity similar to the espresso, with a rich and dense flavor, since it extracts the main notes of the roasted bean.

4th – KitchenAid French Press KXD03AR

KitchenAid KXD03AR Stainless Steel French Press 740 ml 110V

To close our list with a flourish, and if you are already a connoisseur of more sophisticated coffee, nothing better than the KitchenXid KXD03AR model with a capacity of 740ml, the equivalent of 5 148ml cups or up to 15 50ml cups.

Produced with a double wall of stainless steel, it helps to keep your coffee hot for much longer, in addition to having a metal mesh filter, which allows the separation between coffee and grounds, leaving it in the perfect spot for you taste.

And for those who want a touch of technology in traditional techniques, this press already has an integrated scale and timer, allowing you to weigh water and coffee independently in the same container, always guaranteeing the ideal proportion and uniform preparation every time. .

Sophisticated, with impeccable design, this model will be another star in your kitchen, especially when it comes to serving you and your guests with a good coffee.

Buying Guide

Almost everyone likes coffee. But there are people who don’t like it … there are people who love it! And, for fans of a well-made coffee, there are ways to prepare this popular drink that makes it even more special.

One of these ways is through a French coffee maker. In this Buying Guide, you will know everything you need to buy yours.

What is the difference between French coffee makers and conventional models?

The main difference between French coffee makers and traditional models is in the way coffee is made.

In traditional coffee makers, the coffee making process is fully automated, where the water is heated and passes through the powder to form the liquid. In the French coffee maker, the process is almost the opposite, as you will see in the section below.

Image of coffee being served directly from the French coffee maker.

How does a French coffee maker work?

As previously mentioned, in the French coffee maker the process is done entirely manually, which guarantees a unique flavor and quality to the coffee.

The first step in making coffee in a French coffee maker is to select the ground coffee. It needs to have the coarsest grind, so that it can be easily pressed and filtered.

Then you remove the filter from the coffee maker, insert the coffee powder into the bottom of the appliance (about one tablespoon per person) and add the hot water.

After a rest of two or three minutes, reposition the filter on the coffee maker and slowly push it down. This way, the liquid will rise and the sludge will accumulate at the bottom of the coffee maker.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a French coffee maker?

The main advantage of the French coffee maker is that, because it works manually, it allows you to control all the details of the coffee preparation, from the water temperature to the intensity of flavor.

On the other hand, some care is needed for the preparation in this device, such as attention to the type of grinding of the grains, which should preferably be ground on the spot for a better result.


  • Easy preparation
  • No need for electricity
  • Offers stronger coffee, similar to espresso


  • Coarser grind coffee is needed
  • Cools quickly
  • It’s completely manual, needing your attention

In the end, the ideal thing is for you to try coffee made in a good French coffee maker, so you can decide which flavor you like best. But, for lovers of strong coffee, nothing compares to the press.

Where to buy?

Currently, it is possible to find quality French coffee makers both in stores specializing in teas and coffees and in online stores, such as Amazon and Mercado Livre.

On the internet, you can find more options and have the chance to read the evaluation of people who have already bought the models to be able to decide which will be your choice.

How much?

French coffee makers can be found in the most diverse prices, from R $ 30 to R $ 200.

The price difference occurs due to some factors, such as coffee maker material, type of filter and appliance brand.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing French coffee maker models

Are you determined to buy a French cafeteria but don’t know which model is perfect for you? Do not worry! Just analyze the points below and compare with your needs to find out which French coffee maker fits your needs.

  • Coffee maker capacity
  • Materials
  • Device appearance
  • Ability to retain heat

We will detail each of these items so that you can make the best choice when buying your French coffee maker.

Coffee maker capacity

The first point on the list is completely private, after all, a good or bad capacity depends on the volume of coffee you want to prepare by use.

If you want to serve coffee to a larger number of people, it is interesting that your coffee maker has a greater capacity.

However, if this is going to be a personal use piece, you don’t need a big reservoir, mainly because French coffee makers are limited in terms of heating.


It is possible to find French coffee makers on the market that are made of various materials, such as glass, ceramic and stainless steel.

The material does not directly affect the quality of the coffee, but it can be a determining factor for the durability of the appliance, since more fragile materials (such as glass) can be more easily damaged.

So, if you are the most clumsy type, try to buy models with more durable materials, to avoid having your coffee maker broken in the first month.

Device appearance

The coffee spaces have gained more and more prominence in the decoration of the houses. Therefore, having pieces that can be exhibited can be a differential.

Models that combine glass and stainless steel are the favorites to compose beautiful coffee environments, because besides being beautiful, you can see in detail the process of making coffee.

Ability to retain heat

French coffeemakers do not have electrical or electronic devices to maintain heating. However, some materials, such as stainless steel, can assist in the process of keeping the coffee warm for a little longer.

It is always good to opt for models that retain the heat for longer, so that you can enjoy hot coffee for several minutes.

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