How to choose and which one to buy a coffee machine?

In the article, we will tell you in detail which one is better to choose and what types of coffee machines are. We will also show you some of the best modern devices for preparing a wide variety of coffee: espresso, cappuccino, latte, make-up, and much more.

Morning comes … And for each of us, it begins with a favorite aromatic drink – coffee. Thus, we finally wake up and tune in to a successful and fruitful working day. All coffee lovers know that instant coffee, even if it is expensive, can never be compared to a brewed drink in a Turk. Today, as an alternative, modern coffee machines have been invented, which can be used at home, enterprises, and large offices.

These mechanical and automatic electronic devices process ground natural coffee (or beans), especially whip milk, to obtain airy milk froth. Such devices’ primary purpose is to facilitate the process of making coffee and create a delicious, refreshing drink. Our article will tell you which coffee machine to choose for your home and introduce you to the best models of coffee machines.

Types of coffee machines

You can find many similar devices that differ significantly in their design and functioning. Consider these devices to determine and learn from the reviews which coffee machine to choose for home use.


At the moment, such devices are considered the most affordable and widespread. To prepare a drink, you need to purchase prepackaged plastic or foil capsules that contain different types of coffee. Such a capsule is pierced inside the appliance, and the passing hot water brews coffee. One capsule is required per cup. Capsule coffee machines are convenient, quickly prepare drinks, allow you to choose your favorite type of coffee. The main disadvantage of the unit is the rather high cost of coffee capsules.


The cost of carob devices is slightly more expensive. The finished ground powder is added to a special container – the holder and pressed there. Hot water flows through the holder under pressure, and as a result, you get aromatic freshly brewed coffee. The horn must be cleaned and rinsed after use. The strength and temperature of the drink are not regulated in any way. In such models, it is impossible to prepare a coffee drink with milk immediately. However, in more expensive devices, a cappuccino maker is installed, with which you can easily and quickly heat milk and make a high froth.

Structures of this type are similar in principle to capsule machines. Coffee pods are ready-made, packed in special filter paper, portions of compressed natural coffee weighing about 7 grams. A separate pod is inserted into the device, and you get a refreshing coffee very quickly. The amount of water can adjust the strength of the drink poured in.

Espresso Harvesters

This household electrical appliance looks like a traditional espresso machine and is equipped with a built-in coffee grinder with ceramic or metal millstones. In the “Espresso” coffee machine, you can use all coffee types (both ground and grain) to prepare an aromatic drink.


Everything is clear here – such a coffee machine “brews” all drinks independently in auto mode. You need to add all the ingredients (water and coffee beans) to certain compartments, press a few buttons, and the machine will perform the rest of the process itself. Such automatic units are considered the most economical since they do not require ground coffee and unique coffee capsules for the coffee machine. The machine itself will grind the grains poured into the compartment. But it is worth noting that the automatic machine’s cost is much higher than its counterparts, so the product does not pay off immediately.

Recommendations when choosing and buying a coffee machine

The household appliances we are going to purchase must be durable, multifunctional, and of high quality. But before buying, you still need to decide on the essential functions of the device. To make the right choice, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of modern home coffee machines:

  • The presence of a cappuccino maker. This part is connected to the steam pipe in the appliance and is designed to heat and froth milk, thereby creating a fluffy foam. With the cappuccino maker, you can easily prepare delicious cappuccino, latte, and espresso. Cappuccinatores are divided into automatic and mechanical. The first process milk entirely by themselves, and the whipped foam goes into the cup with the drink. The second ones involve manual whipping of milk with hot steam in a particular container;
  • Control type. Coffee machines are classified into mechanical and electronic. Mechanical control consists of the presence of several control elements-switches. As for the electronic control, there are already advanced features, and there are several function keys or a touch panel;
  • Steam option. If the appliance provides a similar function, then coffee preparation will be many times faster. Steam is necessary to create a high milk froth;
  • The ability to adjust the degree of grinding. The taste of your drink directly depends on the degree of grinding of coffee beans. To brew coffee as quickly as possible, you need to grind the coffee beans very much. This is especially true for making espresso. But, for the preparation of such a drink as Americano, on the contrary, a coarse grinding is required;
  • Types of grinding millstones. Devices equipped with millstones can grind grain independently. And there are two types: ceramic (relatively silent, resistant to oxidation, do not burn grains. But at the same time, fragile and not durable) and metal (characterized by strength, long service life, but when grinding grains, they are noisy and can burn them);
  • Power. The higher this indicator, the faster the speed of preparation of the drink. But with such a quick brewing, the hot water cannot be sufficiently saturated with the coffee beans’ aroma and flavor. It would help if you decided what is more important for you: the strength of the drink or the preparation speed. To use the coffee machine at home, devices with a power of 800 to 1,500 W are usually chosen;
  • View of the brewing mechanism. The set of the unit includes a brewing mechanism, which is removable and non-removable. The removable brew unit requires regular manual cleaning with detergents. As for the non-removable mechanism, press a button to clean it – the cleaning tablet is activated, and the teapot is automatically “washed”;
  • Pre-ground coffee soaking system. Specific models of coffee machines can first soak coffee powder for a couple of seconds. In this way, you will get the most revealed and rich aroma of your favorite coffee during its further preparation;
  • Dosing of coffee strength. If your device supports this function, then you can independently choose the desired strength of the drink. This is often 6-16 grams of powder per cup. Typically, dosing of the power of coffee is carried out by reducing or increasing the rate of supply of hot water, as well as increasing its pressure;
  • Heated cups. Only discerning coffee gourmets will appreciate this feature. Some drinks, such as espresso, require a preheated container. The appliance heats the cups and then pours the liquid;
  • Selecting a specific amount of water per cup. You will need this option if you like to drink large amounts of coffee or if you need to brew coffee for two cups at once;
  • Brand. Purchasing products from well-known brands implies high-quality goods, a wide range of useful functions, a long service life, an official guarantee, and further service.

And to make your choice more comfortable, we present to your attention a short overview of the best coffee machines for home use from the most popular and famous manufacturers.

Delonghi coffee machines

Delonghi EN 500

This stylish automatic pod coffee machine is a true gem in every modern kitchen. Its high functionality will also please built-in cappuccino maker, select the desired mode, remove tray for drops, and use capsules, display system, and automatic cappuccino preparation. An ergonomic Delongy coffee machine’s cost ranges from 12,500 to 17,000 rubles ($ 185-250).


  • power – 1 700 W;
  • volume – 1 liter;
  • pressure – 19 bar;
  • wetting system;
  • strait regulation.

Delonghi ECAM 550.75

Another novelty of 2018 from the Italian manufacturer, made in a stylish metal case, belongs to the premium segment. Multifunctional interface, digital display, remote control via Bluetooth, individual profile, automatic preparation of not only cappuccino but also tea. This model’s range of prices is quite extensive – from 62,000 to 95,000 rubles ($ 915-1,400).


  • power – 1 450 W;
  • volume – 2 liters;
  • pressure – 19 bar;
  • control of temperature and strength, illumination of cups;
  • selection of a portion of water and degree of grinding, wetting system.

Saeco coffee machines

Saeco SE-50

A professional espresso machine is ideal for both home use and a small office. Old school vintage design, steel body, PID controller, three flow-through thermoblocks, Italian quality assembly – the Saeko coffee machine’s main characteristics. The price of new items ranges from 71,500 to 88,000 rubles ($ 1,050-1,300).


  • power – 2 600 W;
  • volume – 2.5 liters;
  • pressure – two pumps of 15 bar;
  • control of temperature and portions of water;
  • fast steam, wetting system.

Saeco SM5573 PicoBaristo Deluxe

A delightful compact automatic espresso machine easily brews 12 delicious coffees. The built-in ceramic grinder and premium milk container let you brew your favorite drink quickly. And in 4 user profiles, you will save your favorite recipes—automatic preparation of not only cappuccino but also macchiato. To purchase such a professional product, you will have to pay about 95,250 rubles ($ 1,400).


  • power – 2 600 W;
  • volume – 1.8 liters;
  • regulation of strength, amount of foam, and importance of coffee;
  • temperature control, coffee grinding, wetting system.

Bosch coffee machines

Bosch TAS 6002/6003/6004 My Way

A budget capsule coffee machine will surprise its owners with a variety of coffee drinks, and the possibility of making tea, hot chocolate of excellent quality. The device is equipped with intelligent technology for reading the barcode, which is applied to the capsule and automatically detects the type of drink and preparation method. Intuitive control of equipment is carried out using an ergonomic touch panel. The price of the most affordable and comfortable coffee machine is about 6,000 rubles ($ 90).


  • power – 1,500 W;
  • volume – 1.3 liters;
  • pressure – 15 bar;
  • regulation of strength, temperature;
  • selection of the amount of hot water.

Bosch TIS 30129 RW

The automatic Bosch coffee machine combines the necessary set of functions, high-quality assembly, sleek modern design, and a rather attractive cost of 22,000 rubles ($ 325). The device is equipped with intelligent technology for preparing coffee drinks SensoFlow – a combination of electronic control, a brewing mechanism, and an instantaneous heater.


  • power – 1 300 W;
  • volume – 1.4 liters;
  • pressure – 15 bar;
  • regulation of strength, temperature, and degree of grinding;
  • selection of the amount of hot water, child protection.
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