How to properly care for your coffee machine

How to properly care for your coffee machine - tips

When handling household appliances, the same rules apply to dealing with people: take care of your coffee machine, and the coffee machine will take care of you! We tell you about the correct maintenance, which should be carried out regularly.
Often, buying a coffee machine, a person thinks that now he will have eternal pleasure in the form of aromatic coffee in the morning, and no more effort is needed for this. On the one hand, he’s right. But without proper care, the coffee machine will eventually reduce the quality of the beverage dispensed.
Maintenance of the coffee machine can be divided into two types. The first is daily maintenance, and the second is periodic routine cleaning. For every kind of coffee machine, we will cover both types of service.

Bean coffee maker

Rozhkovy coffee makers, as a rule, do not have a built-in cleaning system, so you need to take care of their timely maintenance yourself. If we talk about daily care, it is essential to wash the coffee maker’s horn after each coffee under running water. And you should never leave used coffee in the cone. These simple rules are already enough for the quality and taste of the drink to be stable. 

Once a month, it is advisable to clean the cone of coffee oils, which in any case, accumulate. The more you use the coffee maker, the more fats you use. To remove them, you need to place a cleaning tablet for coffee grease in the horn, set it to the working position, and turn on the water spill. As soon as water drips from the horn, could you turn it off? Let the horn stand for ten to fifteen minutes. Then turn it on again and pass two to three liters through the funnel to wash off all dissolved deposits and residues of the product.

To decalcify (descale the system):

  1. Pour a special agent such as De Longhi DLSC500 into the water tank according to the packaging’s dosage.
  2. Dissolve it completely and pour it in small doses through the system for half an hour.
  3. Please turn it on and off to allow the product to dissolve all limescale in the system.
  4. Rinse the coffee machine with 3 liters of water or more.

It will not be worse.

Automatic coffee machine

Automatic coffee machines are available with a serviced brewing unit and with an unattended one. The first case is, of course, better. If you choose a car, pay attention to this moment. The brewing unit must be periodically removed and rinsed under the tap. Clean everything with a brush or brush. How often should you do this? Just make it a rule to service your machine when you take out the waste coffee container. Or at least once. If the brewing unit is maintenance-free, it will be necessary to clean it from coffee residues and limescale periodically.

Almost all manufacturers of coffee machines have provided built-in cleaning systems. Typically, the machine itself informs the user when it needs service. Most often, this period is measured by the number of cups brewed. Usually – two or three hundred. Some machines even turn off the brewing function until they are rinsed.

For self-preservation.

Even if your machine does not block, do not ignore the cleaning recommendation signal. Otherwise, it can lead to severe damage and, accordingly, to substantial repair costs. The fact is that coffee deposits and scale accumulate in the system, which prevents the water from passing through and give the drink an unpleasant aftertaste. Moreover, if you saw what a coffee machine’s slagged system looks like, you would never drink a drink passed through this dirt.

The flushing principle is the same as described above. Dilute the cleaner according to the instructions and pass it through the system in small portions for half an hour. Then rinse with more and more water.
In general, the scale is the main enemy of any coffee makers and coffee machine. The water quality directly affects how long the device will last and how often it will need to be serviced. For making coffee, use clean drinking water, not artesian or mineralized. Tap water in Russia usually does not meet the required quality. It must be filtered. There are a lot of options, both built-in flow filters and drip filters in the form of a jug—the more challenging the water, the more scale forms.
Some coffee machines have a built-in water filter. It should be changed at least once every three months, and if the water is tough and you brew coffee regularly, then even more often. However, if you are using clean drinking water, it is better to remove the coffee machine filter. Why filter what is already filtered?

Caring for the cappuccino maker

The cappuccino maker is a system for heating and frothing milk. It must be monitored, especially carefully. After all, milk is a perishable product. After each use, flush the system with clean water. As a rule, these coffee machines have a rinsing function. But if it turned out that the milk dried up in the system, then it is necessary to use special cleaning agents. For example, Saeco CA6705 / 9… Dilute the product with water in the proportions indicated on the package, and then proceed depending on the type of device. If the cappuccino maker is automatic, pour the product into the milk compartment and pass it in small portions through the system. Then wash it all off with plenty of water. Suppose you have a regular cappuccino maker, not an automatic one. In that case, you must also stir the agent in water according to the dosage and lower the cappuccinatore spout into it. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes for the remaining milk to soak, and rinse well with a jet of steam.

In conclusion, let’s return to the first thought: do not neglect the care of the coffee machine! This is the only way you will be able to enjoy your favorite coffee of consistent taste and quality every day. Look more often at the instructions, and do not forget to carry out simple manipulations that will avoid problems with the technique!

The role of the coffee machine in the office space

Office coffee maker

What to look for when choosing an office coffee maker. What additional functions are assigned to the coffee machine that will be used in the office space.

It’s hard to start your day without a cup of coffee. Many people will agree with this statement. This drink allows you to get an energy boost for a whole working day.
In some companies, it is even customary to start with a cup of hot espresso. Many modern organizations, whose management takes care of their employees, install exceptional coffee makers in office premises. These cars have long been a real attribute of the interior of such a room.

CEOs of large firms never forget to take care of their image. They must have an expensive model of a car, a mobile phone, and a similar pen.
In addition to these things, nowadays, prestige is expressed by installing an expensive coffee machine model in your account. You can invest a large number of different funds in the image since you still cannot overpay.

Electrolux EEA 110 coffee maker for office

Before buying a coffee maker for the office, you need to determine its basic parameters, as well as some features. First of all, you need to pay attention to how much coffee the coffee machine requires. It will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the opinion of people who have already bought this or that model, for example, read reviews about the Electrolux EEA 110. You also need to consider the time it takes to prepare a cup of the aromatic drink.

It isn’t very pleasant when the purchased device cannot cope with the amount of work and the load. In this case, you will only line up a long line near you. It is also upsetting when an expensive and productive coffee machine is idle for an extended period. This device should not become part of the interior.

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