Is Cadence Urban electric coffee maker good? Meet!

The Cadence Urban electric coffee maker is drawing consumer attention. But is it good? See the models, the pros and cons of the Urban coffee maker!

If you enjoy taking that freshly made cup of coffee but don’t want to invest in a capsule coffee machine, coffee pots are a more economical option. Suitable for a strong and full-bodied coffee, these models prepare fresh coffee in a few minutes.

One of the brands that have brought news is Cadence (we have already presented a model of the brand: Single Colors ), and this time we are going to talk about Urban, a line of electric coffee makers from Cadence that is drawing attention. The models, despite the low cost, promise to do the job.

But is the Cadence Urban electric coffee maker good? Know the models, their characteristics and the most common problems of this line!

Is Cadence Urban electric coffee maker good?

Cadence appears to have been excited about the sales of the Single Colors coffee maker and has increased its coffee maker options in stores. Cadence brought the Urban coffee line to the national market. It consists of three models: Urban normal, Urban Compact, and Urban Inspire.

The Urban line coffeemakers have a basic and functional design, with a predominance of straight and elongated lines. The modern touch appears in the vibrant colors that each model presents in the support region of the vase.

That is, you will quickly realize that Urban’s design is not its most interesting aspect, unlike its cousin Single Colors (which draws attention for its design and colors).

As we have already said, the Urban line is composed of three models: Urban, Urban Steel, Urban Compact and Urban Inspire. Each has its characteristics, pros and cons; let’s now see which ones are in detail.

Cadence Urban, Urban Steel Coffee Maker

The Cadence Urban electric coffee maker and Urban Steel have the same specifications. Both prepare up to 30 cups of coffee at a time, thanks to the 1.2 liter water compartment.

cadence urban electric coffee maker

Both models come with a permanent plastic coffee powder filter, so you don’t have to worry about buying paper filters. Practical to use and wash, the permanent filter can be washed directly on the tap. Washed, it’s new. They also come with a coffee measuring spoon, so you don’t miss the measure of the powder.

To use the Cadence Urban coffee maker is simple: Just put the water in the tank, the permanent filter, and the coffee powder. To operate it, just press the single button of the Urban coffee maker, present on its front, which serves as an on / off switch.

After finishing the preparation of the coffee, the base of the electric coffee pot Cadence Urban and Urban Steel keeps the jar warm for some time, maintaining the temperature and flavor of your drink. This is an interesting feature for those who have a lot of people at home, as it does not require everyone to have breakfast as soon as it is ready.

The difference between Urban and Urban Steel models is the pitcher.

Cadence Urban Steel

The Cadence Urban Steel electric coffee maker has a beautiful stainless steel jar, 100% non-toxic. According to the company, the stainless steel jar does not release heavy metals (which are harmful to our health). It has simple stainless steel walls, making the heat pass faster from the base to the jar.

In addition to being super-resistant, it is easy to wash and leaves no residue and odors. In other words, the Cadence Urban coffee maker is good for more clumsy people (like me!), Thanks to the option of the Steel jar of the Steel model.

If you choose models with a glass jar, know that they are easy to wash, leave no residue or odors. But be very careful when handling them. To wash the jar, use a soft sponge and neutral detergent, and always wait for it to cool completely before washing. Never use cold water if the carafe is still hot.

Cadence Urban Inspire Coffee Maker

Cadence Urban Inspire

Another model in the line, the Cadence Urban Inspire electric coffee maker is the smartest in the Urban family.

Its great differential is the possibility to schedule the preparation of coffee, through the digital panel that allows to give the command in its functions. With it, you can program and visualize the time that your coffee should start to be prepared automatically by Urban Inspire.

Good right? In addition to being simple to use, the Cadence Urban coffee maker is good for those who like to wake up in the morning with that delicious smell of fresh coffee around the house.

In addition, it also makes 30 doses of coffee, has a water tank of 1.2 liters, has the base that keeps the coffee warm for longer and all the other features of the models we mentioned earlier (Urban and Urban Steel).

Urban Inspire digital display

Cadence Urban Compact Coffee Maker

As the name says, this is the compact version of Urban. Compact electric coffee makers are a strong trend; you can see several models in the appliance stores. These smaller coffee makers are aimed at those who drink a moderate amount of coffee, those who live alone or even couples without children.

Cadence Urban Compact

The Cadence Urban Compact electric coffee maker makes 15 cups of coffee at a time, as the water tank is 0.6 liters (half the capacity of conventional coffeemakers in the line).

With a glass carafe, the Cadence Urban Compact coffee maker also has the same features as previous models, such as the base of the carafe that keeps the coffee warm.

But this model does not have the digital panel to program the preparation – this functionality is exclusive to the Cadence Urban Inspire model. It also comes with a measuring spoon and reusable plastic filter.

But the best thing about this coffee maker is its small size. The Cadence Urban electric coffee maker is good for those who don’t have much space at home. In addition to fitting in any corner, it can be transported more easily. And when you need to store it, it doesn’t take up much of your closet.

Cadence Urban coffee maker problems and complaints

So far we have seen some advantages that show that the Cadence Urban coffee maker is good. But not everything is perfect. Looking at some sites, you can find complaints and complaints about Urban. See what customers are complaining about Urban coffee makers’ problems and defects:

Delicate vase

On the internet, we found some testimonials warning about the fragility of the glass jar, which crack / break easily. So if you are thinking of keeping the coffee maker for longer, it is best to opt for Urban Steel and its steel jar.

At the time of publication of this post, the price difference between the common model (glass jar) and the model with Steel (with steel jar) is R $ 60. It may be worth paying the difference to have less damage if, eventually, the jar falls – or hits the sink when washing (happens a lot with me!).

Cadence Urban jar

Accelerated clock

About this model, some people who bought the Cadence Urban Inspire electric coffee maker complain on the internet that the digital clock is often late. That is, you program the coffee for a certain time, but it does before – and the digital clock shows the time in advance.

She is tricked by her own internal clock! There are those who make noise because of this, and there are also those who do not care to correct the minutes of the display now and then. Anyway, if you choose to buy Urban Inspire exclusively for the ease of programming the preparation, stay tuned to this detail.

Fragile filter compartment

The plastic filter compartment, where we put the coffee powder, opens laterally (just like a door). And what holds this compartment are two pins, one at the top and one at the bottom. Well, several records on the internet claim that this compartment is very fragile.

Cadence Urban side pins

The pins (top and bottom) are small, and do not support rough handling, breaking easily. So, open this compartment carefully when using it, so you don’t have any problems. At least if it breaks, it is possible to improvise a game to secure it again (with wires or screws). It sure won’t look good, but at least it will allow you to continue using the coffee maker as normal.

What is the cheapest Cadence coffee maker: Urban or Single Color?

As we already said, Cadence’s electric coffee makers are known for their low cost. With less than R $ 100 you can already take home a Cadence coffee maker. But between Urban and Single, which is the cheapest?

On the internet, Urban Steel models (model with steel jar) cost around R $ 90. The Urban Inspire coffee maker costs just over R $ 100. And the Urban Compact (the tiny one) costs around R $ 60.

Yellow Cadence Single Colors

Single Colors is available on the internet for approximately R $ 60. That is, its price is equivalent to that of Urban Compact.

Cadence Urban electric coffee maker worth it?

After this analysis, we can answer whether the Cadence Urban electric coffee maker is good and worth buying.

If you are looking for a cheap coffee maker for everyday use, in a home or environment with few people, Urban is worth it. It is a basic electric coffee maker, with a fair cost benefit. But it does not cover much of it, because as we have seen consumers who already have an Urban complain about the fragility of this device.

If you want a more robust coffee maker with different features, check out this post that brings the best electric coffee makers to buy.

Cadence Urban standard and steel coffee maker

Tip: How to use your Cadence Urban electric coffee maker for the first time

Did you buy your Cadence Urban electric coffee maker? How nice! Before starting to prepare your first coffee, it is recommended that you do some initial cleaning of the coffee maker.

Don’t worry, the procedure is quick and easy, and should be done on any model in the Cadence Urban line of coffee makers.

1) Clean your coffee maker externally, wash the filter and jug well under running water.
2) Wipe the water tank and filter holder with a damp cloth. Be careful not to leave any loose residue on the cloth in these places.
3) Fill the water tank, filling up to the ‘MAX’ marking. Do not put coffee in the filter, we will only use the coffee maker with water at that time.
4) Switch on the coffee maker by pressing the “On / Off” button (or the On / Auto / Off button on the Inspire model).
5) Wait for all the water to pass through the coffee maker, and repeat this operation at least 5 times.

See how simple it is? This procedure, in addition to cleaning the internal parts of the coffee maker, will remove the plastic taste, normally present in new products. After repeating these procedures at least 5 times, it is now possible to use the coffee maker normally.

We take the opportunity to remember that you should only use filtered water in the water container. Never put coffee, sugar or any other substance in the water container.

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Summing up

Cadence brought the Urban line of coffee makers. It consists of three models: Urban normal, Urban Compact and Urban Inspire. Each has its characteristics, and you can choose according to your needs.

Those who have already bought Urban alert to the fragility of the coffee maker. With a fair cost-benefit ratio, the Cadence Urban electric coffee maker is a good option for you to have at home.

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