Is Nespresso Inissia coffee maker good? Meet the model!

Is the Nespresso Inissia coffee maker good? Check out details about this popular Nespresso model, its features, price research and more!

Want to taste the best espresso coffee in your home? Then the Nespresso Inissia coffee maker is good for you. Keep reading and find out why!

The Nespresso Inissia coffee maker

Compact design, light curves and shape and fun colors. Inissia was designed for efficient use and with guaranteed Nespresso quality. Practical, simple and compact, it makes that espresso coffee with ideal creaminess.

Safe and economical, Nespresso Inissia has an auto-off feature, so you don’t have to worry about turning off the coffee maker after use. It is the cheapest coffee maker from Nespresso. Find out more details about this excellent coffee maker!

Nespresso Inissia

Imagine having the quality of a professional coffee maker at a fraction of its size (and its price): This is what Nespresso Inissia has achieved. The machine is only 30 centimeters high, 18 centimeters wide and 34 centimeters deep, weighing less than 3 kg.

This is the smallest Nespresso machine, with details for the care in its design and layout that make it also a beautiful piece of decoration in your kitchen or office. Your guests will love it!

The Nespresso Inissia coffee maker makes espresso (40ml) or long (110ml) coffee, automatically managing the volume of coffee, powder and water, in addition to applying the ideal creaminess, thanks to its 19 bar pressure pump.

A common question is whether the Inissia coffee maker makes cappuccino. The answer is no, Inissia only makes coffee.

Nespresso Inissia

Ease, convenience and economy

In 25 seconds, Inissia is warm and ready to use. Unlike traditional machines, this Nespresso has no ON-OFF buttons. Just one touch to select espresso or long coffee and wait for your drink. Easy, without dirt or mess, you have a coffee with the ideal intensity at your disposal.

The Inissia coffee machine has a water tank with a capacity of 0.7L. This volume yields many glasses. It also has a container that holds up to 11 used capsules, which can be easily removed when filled.

Inissia controls

The Inissia coffee machine saves energy. It was classified in category A of energy efficiency, that is, tests proved that it will not impact your energy bill.

The automatic shutdown feature, which switches the machine off after 9 or 30 minutes of waiting, reduces Inissia’s energy consumption by up to 40%.

General features

– It’s the smallest Nespresso machine.
– Automatic preparation of Espresso (40 ml) and Lungo (110 ml) at the touch of a button
– Automatic control of the coffee volume
– Automatic shutdown after 9 or 30 min for energy saving
– High pressure pump: 19 bar
– Rapid heating: 25 sec
– Machine turns on when pressing the coffee button (does not have an ON-OFF button)
– Container for up to 11 used capsules
– Water tank: 0.7 L
– A-40% energy efficiency
– Weighs 2.4 kg with 32.1 cm height
– Drip tray foldable and adaptable to cups

If you are looking for a powerful and efficient coffee maker for your home or office, that does not take up too much space and doesn’t use up too much energy, the Nespresso Inissia coffee maker is perfect for you, and costs less than you think.

Comparative: Mimo x Piccolo x Inissia

We made a very nice comparison between the cheapest models from Três Corações, Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. Among the models (which cost approximately R $ 300 ) is Inissia. Guess which model was the best to buy? 

Is Inissia coffee maker good?

The Inissia coffee maker was designed to make your life simple. From adjusting for two cup sizes to automatic shutdown after 9 min of inactivity, all the details have been thought of for convenience.

With just one touch and in 25s, the water reaches the ideal temperature to serve up to 9 Grand Crus without the need to refill the 700ml tank.

Inissia Nespresso coffee maker

Compact and lightweight, with an ergonomic handle, Inissia fits perfectly in any design. With a fair cost benefit, the Inissia coffee maker is a good buy.

Now, if you are more demanding and prefer a more robust and versatile coffee maker, check out other models in our Shopping Guide.

Summing up

The Inissia Nespresso coffee maker prepares one cup of coffee at a time, has a removable reservoir, Espresso and Lungo coffee quantity selector and the average preparation time is 12 seconds.

It also has a wire holder, removable waste tray, automatic shutdown, operating indicator light, 0.7 liter water reservoir, in addition to a super modern, lightweight, compact, ergonomic design and ease of transport because it is small.

The cost benefit is fair; the coffee maker is simple, but it doesn’t cost much. For all this, it is worth buying Inissia.

Is Nespresso U coffee maker good?

s Nespresso U good? Learn a little more about this espresso coffee machine that combines purity, simplicity and adaptability!

For those who want to taste the best coffee, with a special touch of elegance and refinement, this is the ideal coffee maker. Nespresso U is a compact coffee maker with a modern design that will provide you and your guests with a delicious espresso. Have at home the quality of coffee made in professional machines, paying much less for it! Know the details of the Nespresso U!

Nespresso U: Quality and good taste

Nespresso U produces coffee with the aroma and flavor that appeals to the most demanding palates. The Nespresso U coffee maker makes the most refined coffees in three different sizes: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo. Enjoy all the flavor of wonderful coffee with this coffee maker!

The coffee maker you should choose

Nespresso U is worth it

On the outside, the U brings an elegant design with a fine finish, to give a special touch to your environment. Inside, it has dropper technology and a modern automatic capsule perforation, extraction and ejection system.

Making coffee with your Nespresso U is simple, and the coffee maker also has several facilities, such as automatic control of the volume of coffee.

Nespresso U

The U coffee maker also indicates whether the water tank is empty, and has an auto-off function after 9 minutes of non-use, helping to save energy.

General features

– Exclusive design
– Tactile interface
– Sustainability:
– Dropper technology
– Automatic drilling, extraction and ejection system
– Fast heating
– Modular water compartment (its position can be changed)
– 3 pre-programmed cup sizes (Ristretto , Espresso and Lungo)
– Memorization of the preferred cup size
– Automatic shutdown after 9 minutes

If you are looking for a modern, practical and compact coffee maker, the Nespresso U is a great option.

Summing up

The U machine combines purity, simplicity and adaptability. It has a smart design that allows you to make coffee at the touch of a button. The adaptability of the U machine means that it adapts easily to your home with its modular water tank and magnetic tray. So the holder can be moved to accommodate your recipe cups and glasses.

Dolce Gusto coffee maker worth it?

Thinking of buying a Dolce Gusto coffee maker? Know the brand, the models of coffee machines and find out if the Dolce Gusto coffee maker is worth it!

When you decide to buy an espresso coffee maker for your home or office, the first question is which model to buy, as there are good brands available on the market. And you’ve certainly heard of Dolce Gusto, which is one of the most traditional – largely thanks to the popularity of the Piccollo model. But is buying a Dolce Gusto worth it? Read and find out!

Dolce Gusto: Nestlé and Arno together

Nescafé Dolce Gusto is a system of Nestlé espresso capsule coffee machines, which had its first models launched in 2006. Therefore, we can say that it is a sister of the Nespresso brand, which is also owned by Nestlé.

Here in Brazil, Dolce Gusto machines are distributed by Arno, that is, if you need Dolce Gusto technical assistance, you will look for an authorized Arno.

Models of Dolce Gusto coffee makers

In Brazil, the Dolce Gusto brand currently offers four models of coffee makers on the market. All models are automatic.

Dolce Gusto coffee makers

Automatic coffee maker and manual coffee maker

The difference between automatic and manual coffee makers is the control of the amount of water. With manual coffee makers you have to manually turn off the water flow when the cup is full. The automatic ones, you program the amount of water (varies according to the capsule) and, when you start, the coffee maker cuts the flow by itself.

Common features of coffee makers

All Dolce Gusto coffee makers have some characteristics in common. Look:

  • They make coffee with 15 bar pressure, preparing a more delicious drink.
  • They have a selector for a hot or cold drinks, for you to prepare according to the characteristics of the capsule.
  • There are more than 20 types of drinks available in capsules from Dolce Gusto, in addition to compatible capsules, that is, capsules from other companies made for use in Dolce Gusto. 
  • All machines come with energy-saving mode, which automatically turns the machine off after 5 minutes of non-use.
Lumio Dolce Gusto

After all, is Dolce Gusto worth it?

The worldwide tradition of the brand certainly weighs heavily in the decision. After all, thousands of consumers are only won by offering quality. For sure, Dolce Gusto is worth it for being a great purchase.

However, in addition to the aspects mentioned above, you must consider the characteristics of the available models ( see this comparison ) and other more general factors, which we list in this article.

Summing up

The Dolce Gusto machine not only prepares coffees and other beverages, but provides unspeakable moments of everyday life, especially for lovers of good coffee. The design of the Dolce Gusto coffee machines is the great differential: They are true works of art created to beautify your environment and make your day more pleasant.

Comparison Dolce Gusto: Choose the ideal model for you

Dolce Gusto has several beautiful coffee makers, and certainly one of them is perfect for you. Check out this Dolce Gusto comparison and choose yours!

When choosing an espresso coffee maker, you must consider some important factors in order to buy the ideal coffee machine for your home or office. Dolce Gusto has several models available in the Brazilian market, and for sure one of them will suit your taste. With that in mind, we have prepared this Dolce Gusto comparison specially for you!

Comparative Dolce Gusto

For this comparison, we separated 6 models of coffee makers from Dolce Gusto: the new Drop model, the Genio II, Mini Me, Movenza, Infinissima and Lumio.

comparative Dolce Gusto

In this comparison, we can see that the top model of Dolce Gusto is the Movenza, whose main feature is the retractable body. It is the most expensive, costing around a thousand reais.

Features of Dolce Gusto coffee makers

All Dolce Gusto coffee makers have some features in common: 15 bar pressure, hot or cold drinks selector, and energy-saving mode, plus more than 20 Nestlé beverage flavors for you to make ( and even have compatible capsules, which are made by other companies ).

Dolce Gusto coffee makers

Summing up

The Dolce Gusto machine not only prepares coffees and other beverages, but provides unspeakable moments of everyday life, especially for lovers of good coffee.

This comparison of Dolce Gusto coffee makers reveals that the machines have similar characteristics (15 bar pressure, hot or cold drinks selector and energy saving mode). But some items, such as touch controls and water tank capacity, vary by model. Dolce Gusto coffee makers are cost effective.

The design of the Dolce Gusto coffee machines is the great differential: They are true works of art created to beautify your environment and make your day more pleasant.

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