Is Philco Multicapsule Coffee Maker Good? Check out!

The Philco Multicapsule coffee maker prepares espresso coffee using Nespresso capsules, Dolce Gusto and common powder. But is it really good? Check out!

Have you ever thought how cool it would be if we could use Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and Três capsules in the same coffee machine? Because Philco turned that dream into reality! But is the Philco PCF19VP Multicápsulas coffee maker good, and is it worth buying? Check out!

Apparently, an ordinary coffee maker

Although the Philco Multicapsule coffee maker looks like a regular espresso machine, it is a special coffee maker.

The novelty of the Espresso Coffee Maker from Philco is due to the compatibility with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules, in addition to a filter to make long coffees with powder.

Available only in red, the Philco espresso machine is made of plastic and metal, that is, resistant and durable materials, in addition to easy cleaning and maintenance.

As the coffee maker’s differential is compatibility, it seems that there is not much time left to think about its design. Overall, it has more focus on practicality than beauty.

Philco Multicápsulas coffee maker

With a non-slip base, the Philco coffee maker will prevent any accidents during use. The water reservoir is removable and has a capacity of 600ml. And so that you can use cups of different sizes, the support has height adjustment.

Inside, the PCF19VP coffee maker has a powerful 20 bar pressure motor, which provides coffee full of flavor and aroma. Just to compare, Dolce Gusto and Três machines, for example, have 15 bar pressure.

At the top of the Philco Multicápsulas coffee maker are the controls. There are three luminous buttons: One for switching on / off, and the other two with pre-programmed coffee doses (short and long).

Philco coffee maker buttons

Just a touch and the Philco espresso machine prepares from short to long coffees. When finishing the preparation of your drink, Multicápsulas beeps, warning that the drink is ready. PowerSaving technology automatically shuts down the coffee maker if it has been inactive for more than 15 minutes.

The Philco coffee maker weighs 2.5 kg, the same as Dolce Gusto’s Mini Me. The PCF19VP coffee machine comes with a kit containing three different trays and a measuring spoon, ideal to help you prepare espresso using powder.

The cost benefit is interesting, as the Philco coffee maker is available in stores for approximately R $ 390. This is the same value as many models of single-dose coffee makers from other more traditional brands.

Finally, the Multicápsulas PCF19VP coffee maker is not exclusive to Philco. In Europe, for example, it has a white version manufactured by Sogo.

Using Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules in the Philco coffee maker

The main novelty of the Multicápsulas Philco PCF19VP coffee maker is due to the compatibility with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules, as well as a filter for making long coffees with powder. Philco’s proposal is that you taste the best that each of the coffees has, in the same machine.

And how does it work? It’s simple: The capsule tray is removable. The coffee maker comes with three different trays. One for use with Nespresso capsules, another for Dolce Gusto capsules and another for using coffee powder.

That’s right! You can save money by using regular coffee (these from the supermarket) in your espresso machine. Just choose a pure, strong and good quality coffee. Of course, whoever has the privilege of grinding coffee on the spot can enjoy an even tastier drink.

However, those who want convenience and practicality can enjoy and taste the best blends in capsules from two worlds: Nespresso and Dolce Gusto.

It is possible to use both the original capsules of the brands and also of other manufacturers, as long as they are compatible with Nespresso or Dolce Gusto. Always remember to use the appropriate adapter for Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules.

Multicápsulas coffee maker Philco trays

Special attention is paid to the fitting of the capsules; if it doesn’t fit properly, it can cause water and dust leaks. In the manual for the appliance, Philco warns that tea and chocolate capsules are not compatible with its espresso machine; the machine was made only for coffee capsules.

Philco Multicapsulas coffee maker compatibility

And look how amazing: With the Philco coffee maker, you can also use Three capsules, thanks to the Multicap adapter! Total freedom for you to enjoy the best of all capsule options!

To use Dolce Gusto capsules, there is a particularity. Some capsules use intermediate water doses (between short and long). That is, only the two buttons on the machine are not enough.

For these cases, Philco advises to interrupt the flow of the drink manually during preparation, according to a table provided in the coffeemaker manual.

Opinion of those who have already bought Multicápsulas Philco

Before swiping your credit card, of course you want to know if it is worth buying the Philco Multicápsulas coffee maker. Is she really good? The best way to know is to evaluate the comments of those who have already bought this coffee machine.

Most of the comments are positive, with consumers satisfied with the purchase of the Philco coffee maker. Many people celebrate the fact that there are three machines in one, and that they can even make chococcino from Dolce Gusto.

Philco Multicápsulas coffee maker

But not everyone is happy with the Philco coffee maker. Some complain about the quality of the external finish of the machine. And even worse, the coffee is not at the right point or at the right temperature.

Dolce Gusto capsules – and their intermediate doses – can also cause some confusion. In practice, the way Philco solves this problem is not so simple. Watch the video below.

Is the Philco Multicapsule coffee maker good?

The Philco PCF19VP Multicápsulas coffee maker has the proposal of offering compatibility with the capsules of Nepsresso and Dolce Gusto. And it fulfills its promise, in addition to offering the possibility of using powder to make the espresso.

However, we saw that this compatibility is not that simple, nor universal. According to the manual, the machine allows you to use only coffee capsules, although some consumers are able to use other capsule flavors successfully.

The peculiarities with intermediate dose capsules (between short and long) can also make you nervous about the machine.

Philco Multicapsulas coffee maker

Some consumers did not get along with the Philco coffee maker, complaining that the coffee does not come out so hot, and without the proper flavor. Perhaps those who are not used to the operation and functioning of espresso coffee makers have some difficulty in adapting to this machine.

Therefore, the suggestion is that if you have never had an espresso coffee machine, start with the simplest models, from a more traditional brand in the business.

This post helps you to choose a cheap coffee maker model.

Now if you don’t mind losing several capsules until you get the hang of it, or are already a veteran user of espresso makers, you’ll have no problem using Philco’s multicapsules, and it’s worth buying the model.

Summing up

The Philco PCF19VP Multicápsulas coffee maker is a very versatile coffee maker, compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules, as well as a filter for making long, powdered coffees. Available only in red, it has a 20 bar pressure pump. Easy to use, just a touch and the Philco espresso machine prepares from short to long coffees.

Compatibility with other brands is possible thanks to the two mobile capsule trays, one for Nespresso and one for Dolce Gusto. There is also a tray for using ground coffee. However, not all Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules are compatible with Philco.

Some consumers did not get along with the Philco coffee maker, complaining that the coffee does not come out so hot, and without the proper flavor. Therefore, the Philco coffee machine can be disappointing for those who have never had an espresso coffee machine.

Is Three Barista Coffee Maker Good? Meet!

Costing a little more than the other coffee makers, the question remains whether Barista is good. Get to know this Três model, its advantages and price research!

Imagine being able to experience the flavors of a coffee shop at home. That’s the proposal of Três Barista, a super espresso coffee machine. It has functions that will please even the most demanding coffee lovers. Meet this coffee maker!

More flavor and practicality

The Barista is the right machine for those who want to prepare better drinks. And the milk frother spout further increases the variety of combinations. The coffee maker makes delicious espresso, cappuccinos, chocolattos, chai latte, coffee with milk, teas and latte macchiato among other options.

Three Barista

The cool thing is that you don’t have to be a professional barista, read books or attend courses to prepare all these delights at home. The Três Barista coffee machine will do all of this quickly and conveniently. It is not for nothing that she has that name.

Barista is good on the outside…

The Barista coffee maker has a classic design, and does not take up much space in your kitchen (it is about the same size as the Três Versa coffee maker). Although shaped like a cube, its rounded edges give a softness to the look. There are three color options: silver, white and red, all matching black. The housing of this coffee maker is made of resistant ABS plastic.

Three Barista coffee maker

Your tray has height adjustment, allowing you to use your favorite cup or mug. The water tank has a good capacity of 1.3 liters. There are more than 20 espressos (50ml) until you need to refill it!

The milk reservoir fits up to 500ml, larger than the Latissima (Nespresso) . It is also removable, and you can leave it in the refrigerator with milk that was not used in the machine. This is practicality.

To handle it, it is not necessary to be a professional barista, as you will make your coffees quickly and conveniently. The Barista control panel is very intuitive, and makes the machine much easier to use. One touch of one of the six measures is enough for the coffee maker to automatically prepare coffee.

… And good inside!

Everything on this machine was designed to offer the best experience. The Barista coffee maker has a multi-pressure pump (between 2 and 15 bar) ideal for extracting the best from Três Corações capsules. And automatic shutdown ensures energy savings after 9 minutes without using the machine.

In addition, the body of the coffee maker contains a basket for used capsules.

What’s bad about these coffee makers like Barista and Latíssima (Nespresso) is the cleaning process. It is rolled up because it involves more pieces (like the coffee spout and the milk compartment). Speaking of which, Barista comes with a kit with backwash capsules for you to clean the coffee maker internally.

Barista is worth it

Although most consumer reviews are extremely positive, there are complaints about the baby nipple, which only has the options of steam or liquid.

Is Three Barista Coffee Maker Good?

After getting to know this coffee machine better, it is easy to know if the Barista coffee maker is good.

This Três model is the ideal automatic coffee machine for those who want to prepare the best combinations with milk. Besides, of course, the traditional hot drinks from Três Corações. Have lots of options for you to prepare your favorite drinks such as teas, coffees and combinations with milk.

Three Barista

Available in red, white and silver, it was designed for every moment of your day.

In Italy, where it is sold by Caffitaly, Barista is known as “Bianca”.

The Barista coffee maker is a good option and worth buying if you want to prepare a wide range of drinks at home. And with the same quality and flavor as a professional cafeteria.

Compact and elegant, Barista will be a hit in your kitchen.

Three Barista coffee maker is good

As you might imagine, it is a little more expensive than ordinary espresso makers, starting at 600 reais. But the Três coffee maker is cheaper than Nespresso’s Latissima competitor.

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