Is Three Hearts Coffee Maker good?

Modo is a coffee maker widely found in stores. Is the Three Hearts Mode coffee maker good for you? Check out our review of this model!

Already traditional in stores, the Modo coffee maker is a better-known model from Três. Versatile and full of features, it will be successful in your home. Check out why the Três Corações mode coffee maker is good for you!

Is Three Hearts Coffee Maker good?

This Três Corações espresso machine will turn your home into a coffee shop! The Modo coffee maker will bring you and your family the pleasure of having that delicious espresso.

Beautiful and modern, with the Três Corações Modo espresso machine you can enjoy all the comfort and quality when enjoying that delicious cup of coffee.

Three Hearts Mode

The Modo coffee maker has a good 1.2 liter water tank, larger capacity than many models on the market. Modo prepares several types of hot drinks: espresso, filtered coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, coffee with milk, milk and tea.

If you do not know how to make coffee or how to make espresso, no problem, because Modo is very simple to use. The espresso machine is small, takes up little space, is easy to clean and has a system that does not allow to collect dirt.

Three Hearts Mode tray

Only your Espresso Coffee Machine makes you a cup of coffee with the pressure of professional machines. Your coffee comes out just like the coffee shop with that delicate milk froth on top. She also prepares each variation of the drink in less than a minute.

Coffee Maker Mode: The best coffee flavor

Available in different colors, this is the right coffee maker for your daily life. Very easy to use, no complicated controls. Put the quality of Caffitaly design and technology in your kitchen!

Buy your espresso machine and enjoy the taste of that drink with the pressure of professional coffee machines. Imagine having a coffee like Italian coffee shops with delicious milk froth!

Modo Technical Specifications

product typeEspresso coffee maker
Cup / water capacity (in liters)1 Cup at a time, 1.2L Water Reservoir
Grain capacity; ground coffee; coffee groundsCapsules of Various Types of Hot Drinks
Material / CompositionABS plastic
Temperature optionsNo
Removable waste collection trayYes
Filtering modeNo
FunctionsVarious types of hot drinks: espresso, filtered coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, latte, milk and tea
Power (w)870W / 1050W
Consumption (Kw / h)“13 KW / H STANDBY 1.2 KW / H”
Approximate product dimensions – cm (HxWxD)32x26x17cm
Approximate product weight – Kg4.2kg
Supplier warranty12 months

Summing up

The Três Corações coffee machine is a good option for you who appreciate a good espresso coffee. Modo has a 1.2 liter water tank and prepares several types of hot drinks: espresso, filtered coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, coffee with milk, milk and tea.

Coffeemotion Mallory coffee maker worth it?

Is Coffeemotion Mallory worth it? This basic model has pros and cons that must be taken into account when purchasing. Check out the review!

If you are looking for a cheap coffee maker, you are sure to have come across online stores with the Coffeemotion Mallory coffee maker. Costing less than R $ 100 in some online stores, Coffeemotion draws attention for the price, but arouses doubts because its manufacturer Mallory is not so traditional in the field of coffee makers with capsules.

If you’ve seen a Coffeemotion and are thinking of purchasing it because of the low price, check with us if Coffeemotion Mallory is worth buying!

Coffeemotion Mallory Coffee Maker

For those who like to taste good coffee, Mallory developed CoffeeMotion with all the charm and ease that a modern coffee maker can bring.

Coffeemotion has an attractive and sophisticated design, available in red / black and gray / black. Compact and easy to use, the Mallory coffeemaker weighs less than 4kg thanks to its durable plastic housing, without metallic details or chrome.

Coffeemotion Mallory is worth it

Speaking of features, Coffeemotion prepares drinks at a pressure of 19 bar, the same as for Nespresso coffee machines. The water tank has a capacity of 1 liter, enough to use the Mallory coffee maker for a long time without having to refill.

The Thermobloc system guarantees quick heating when preparing drinks.

The Coffeemotion automatic capsule extraction system is the highlight of the model, with a compartment for up to 12 capsules and that keeps the cleaning and protection when the coffee is extracted. In fact, the used capsule compartment is the only aluminum part of the coffee maker, and can be removed for washing.

At Coffeemotion, what is needed is the automatic water metering system. It is not automatic, that is, the user who owes the water flow when preparing his coffee dose.

To avoid the dirt that is characteristic of non-automated coffee machines, the coffee maker has at least an anti-drip tray.

Coffeemotion Mallory: Easy to use

Ease of use is another strong feature at Coffeemotion. The control panel has two LEDs and a button. The red LED indicates that the machine is not ready (it may be heating up, in operation or with the lid open). The green led indicates that the machine can be used to make the drink. The button is used to start and stop the coffee brewing flow.

Universal capsules for Coffeemotion Mallory

This is a delicate point of this model. The Mallory coffee maker uses capsules called universals. It is a capsule model that follows a generic pattern, different from those used by Nespresso or Dolce Gusto coffee makers.

In other countries, Taurus markets capsules for coffeemotion, with different flavors, and cheaper than capsules from other brands. This makes the model more interesting over there. But here in Brazil it is not so easy to find them, because the coffee maker model is not as popular as the competitors.

Coffeemotion coffee maker capsules

The interesting thing is that there are reusable capsules in this generic format, that is, you can end up making your capsules at home. And, of course, making your capsules at home, the way you like them, in addition to having a more personalized flavor will still bring more savings than buying them from manufacturers.

Coffeemotion: international coffee maker

Coffeemotion, marketed here in Brazil under the Mallory seal, is a model also sold in other countries. Outside, the machine is called in some places like Coffee Arezzo. The model is developed by the Spanish Taurus, which here in Brazil holds the Mallory brand.

Is Coffeemotion Mallory worth it?

So, is Coffeemotion Mallory worth it?

As we have seen, the Coffeemotion Mallory coffee maker is a very basic coffee machine, with few differentials, lagging rivals in some areas.

What customers most complain about Coffeemotion is the lack of capsules, since you will not find it easily. In the end, you have a coffee maker without capsules, with the most suitable option to prepare reusable capsules (purchased separately) to be able to use the coffee maker.

If you consider yourself a demanding user, or with very specific tastes, then it may be more interesting to consider buying other, more advanced models with more functionality. You’ll pay a little more, but you won’t have any headaches.

Summing up

Is Coffeemotion Mallory worth it? We saw that the model is quite simple, with basic functionality. Customers complain that the capsules are not easy to find. If that’s not an issue for you, Coffeemotion Mallory is worth it. Otherwise, better to buy a model from a more traditional brand, like Três Corações, Dolce Gusto, Nespresso or even DeltaQ.

Is Utam Uno coffee maker good? Meet the brand!

Is the Utam Uno coffee maker good? Of national origin, the Utam Uno coffee maker is an option for those looking for a good, beautiful and cheap coffee maker. Check out!

In addition to the most famous coffee makers available (Três Corações, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto), there is a lesser known but also quality alternative: the Utam Uno espresso machine.

Of national origin and without counting on the appeal of the big brands, the differential of this machine is the cost benefit, besides the quality of its capsules produced by the company itself. Is the Utam Uno coffee maker good? Worth to buy? Meet the brand!

About the Utam Uno espresso machine

The Utam Uno coffee maker works with a pressure of 19 bar, producing that perfect espresso, with a distinctive and creamy flavor. This pressure is greater than that used by most machines that we find on the market (they usually work at 15 bar).

Utam Uno

The Utam Uno water tank has a capacity of one liter, and the waste container holds up to 12 used capsules.

The machines are elegant and have a modern design, based mainly on silver and black colors. They can be purchased in customized versions with prints that exude cheerful colors, flowers and smiles.

Utam capsules

Another option is the machine for the benefit of APAE, in which part of the value of the sale of the machines goes to the institution in Ribeirão Preto.

Utam Uno coffee maker

Launched in 2015 by Café Utam (a coffee company from the interior of São Paulo), the coffee maker is the result of a heavy investment and international partnership.

How to use the Utam Uno coffee maker

The Utam Uno coffee maker is simple to use. Highlight for the dosing button, for you to control the volume of the drink.

Summing up

Utam Uno is a good option for the consumer. Of national origin, the Utam coffee maker pays off for those looking for a beautiful and classic espresso machine. The variety of compatible capsules is huge. But be aware: Utam is worth it if it costs less than coffee makers from other more traditional brands, like Nespresso or Três Corações.

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