Italian coffee maker: Which are the best of 2020?

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Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. One cup is taken in the morning, and another to stay awake at night. For many, a cup of coffee is essential after lunch too. Also, few things are as pleasurable as a real Italian espresso. An Italian coffee maker will help you enjoy this delicious drink even more.
They are used to prepare espresso through the water evaporation process. Many consider this the best way to prepare a coffee. In the following paragraphs, we will show reasons for having a coffee maker of this type in your home. You will also get to know the best models on the market.

The most important

  • Italian coffee makers are the best option for enjoying coffee. In times when every kitchen has several appliances, you will have a different utensil. No cables, capsules or difficult instructions, that is, nothing that complicates something as simple as having a coffee.
  • Many claim that this is the type of coffee maker that prepares the best coffee. They say that there is no other way to keep the flavor of this drink like the Italian coffee maker.
  • You will find several options on the market, some with prices considerably higher than others. However, there are very economical models.

Ranking: The 5 best Italian coffee makers on the market

Below, we show the best Italian coffee makers available on the market. In this section, you will find out which option is best for you and your family. In addition, you can also choose the ideal accessories and learn about the different purchase criteria.

1º – Bialetti Moka Express Italian Coffee Maker

Nuova Moka Express - 6 Cups - Bialetti

This coffee maker is made of polished and varnished aluminum (there are also enamelled models from Bialetti Moka Express) so that no chemicals are released into your coffee, and has an ergonomic handle that withstands high temperatures without heating. It has a capacity of 300ml (6 cups), and the proportions of water and coffee are already marked on the coffee maker.

Created and marketed by the company that patented the first Moka model, Bialetti also offers several accessories, such as grinders and thermoses. This is undoubtedly one of the best-selling Italian coffee makers in the world.

Its price is a little high, reflecting its quality and time to market. However, it is important to note that because it is made of aluminum, it cannot be taken to the microwave and does not work on the induction cooker. It is also not advisable to put it in the dishwasher.

2nd – Mukka Express Bialetti

Mukka Express L'Arte Del Cappuccino

This coffee maker is made of enameled aluminum, with heat resistant silicone handle and 250ml capacity. It has a charming finish, with a cow print, which highlights its significant differential, which is its versatility: In addition to preparing a great Italian espresso, you can also use milk to prepare a highly creamy and full-bodied Latte or Cappuccino!

Keep in mind that milk can be more difficult to use than water. Read the instructions carefully and respect the suggested proportions, or you will find yourself constantly cleaning your stove.

Since the type and quality of the milk, as well as the intensity of the flame, can vary significantly from place to place, you may need to try a few times until you get the desired result, but there is no doubt that it is worth it.

3rd – Italian Cadence stainless coffee maker

Cadence CAF104-127 - Italian Electric Coffee Maker, Stainless

Unlike most Italian coffee makers, which go on fire to prepare espresso, this Cadence model works with electric power.

This coffee maker, with capacity for up to 24 cups, has an elegant design, with the bottom in inert plastic and heat resistant, and the top in stainless steel that, unlike aluminium, does not release heavy metals in your drink, in addition to a tapered spout that prevents coffee from dripping or splashing.

Because it works on electricity, you will only be able to use this coffee maker next to an outlet (which is not usually a big problem in most kitchens). On the other hand, this also has several advantages and amenities. You can prepare a coffee for your guests without leaving the living room, for example, and the water will always be at the ideal temperature when passing through the cafe.

4th – Tramontina Inox Italian Express Coffee Maker

Tramontina Italian Express Coffee Maker 61768000 Inox 350Ml

An old woman is known to Brazilians for her lines of cookware and cutlery of excellent quality, Tramontina also has a model of Italian coffee maker. Made of stainless steel, with a modern and elegant curved design, the great differentials of this coffee maker are its beauty and quality.

This model serves up to 7 cups (350 ml). Because it is made of high-quality stainless steel, it can be used in any stove (gas, induction, electric or vitroceramic) or even placed in the dishwasher (in the, however, manual washing is even more indicated).

5th – Kehome Stainless Steel Italian Coffee Maker

Italian Coffee Maker For 6 Cups 5806

This coffee maker has an exceptional cost-benefit, being a very affordable option despite its quality. Made of stainless steel, it can be used on any stove to make delicious Italian espresso and even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

As always, the quality and intensity of the drink depend much more on the chosen bean and the coffee grind than on the coffee maker, and this model will last for years if taken care of (remember to replace the sealing rubber when it becomes dry or cracked).

Shopping guide: What you need to know about Italian coffee makers

Now you know the best models of Italian coffee makers on the market. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the different aspects that you must consider when making your decision. Below, we explain everything you need to know about Italian coffee makers.

couple drinking coffee and talking happily

What is an Italian coffee maker?

The Italian coffee maker, or Moka, is a device designed to prepare the famous “Italian espresso”. This type of preparation is very popular in Spain and Italy, and it is no wonder because few coffees are as tasty as a real espresso. These machines prepare coffee by evaporation.

How does an Italian coffee maker work?

As expected, before buying a product, it is essential to know how it works, which in this case could not be easier. An Italian coffee maker has a compartment at the bottom, which is filled with water up to the safety mark. A container (funnel) is placed on top of it, which must be filled with ground coffee. Then the upper part is attached, and the coffee maker is ready to use.

Italian coffee maker on the stove

Once the coffee maker is prepared, just put it on low heat. There are a few details that you should keep in mind. For example, one should not over-compact coffee when placing it in the funnel, so that it does not overflow. Finally, keep in mind that when the water boils, the coffee will rise to the top.

When the coffee maker makes a noise similar to a gargle, it means it is ready. You must be careful that the coffee on the top does not boil, or it will spoil. As you can see, preparing coffee is very simple. It is only necessary to take small precautions.

Can Italian coffee makers be used on induction cookers?

The first Italian coffee makers were indeed designed to be used on gas stoves. However, over time, they have been adapted for other types of stoves. One of the questions that some buyers have is whether they can be used on induction hobs. The answer is yes, as you have seen when reading about the best models. Of course, if you have a stove with an induction hob, you should buy a compatible coffee maker. To be sure, it is good to check the material from which it is made. It must be made of ferromagnetic metal. Another detail that you cannot forget is that your stove must have a mouth for small diameter objects.

What accessories are needed for an Italian coffee maker?

To enjoy a good Italian espresso you don’t need many things. However, some utensils, such as those shown in the table below, will be very useful:

GrinderGrind the coffee to be used
Espresso coffee cupServe the coffee in the correct dose
Individual thermosTake coffee when leaving home
Dosing spoonMeasure the coffee used

Italian coffee maker or capsule coffee maker?

Currently, capsule coffee makers are on the rise. In the market, you will find a multitude of models. Some of them not only prepare coffee, but also chocolate or teas. It is true that, in many houses, these coffee makers coexist with the Italian ones, which, despite their simplicity, have some advantages:

PriceYou can get an Italian coffee maker for less than R $ 30
CapacityMakes coffee for several people at once
ConsumptionUses less energy
MaintenanceThey are very easy to maintain
DamageThey hardly spoil

How to clean an Italian coffee maker?

You must never use abrasive products to clean your Italian coffee maker, as this may damage the material. The first thing you should do is rinse it well, to eliminate coffee residue. You can use a little soap from time to time. Dry all parts very well with a clean cloth to prevent mould. When it is clean and dry, keep the coffee maker disassembled. This will make the thread last longer. It is essential that, as part of the cleaning, you check that the valve is unobstructed. Some models can be washed in the dishwasher, but manual cleaning is always better.

What are the parts of an Italian coffee maker?

  • Italian coffee makers have different components, each of which plays a major role in the preparation of good coffee. Below, we show the different parts of Italian coffee makers and what they are for Tampa. It serves to prevent coffee from leaving the coffee maker. You can open it to see if all the water has gone up.
  • Catcher. It sits on the lid and serves to open it without getting burned.
  • Coffee collector. This is the upper part of the coffee maker. Its function is to collect the prepared coffee.
  • Handle. Made of thermal insulating material. It serves to hold the coffee maker without getting burnt.
  • Sealing ring. It is responsible for separating the filter from the funnel. It is made of rubber or silicone. It is usually necessary to change it from time to time.
  • Funnel. It is the container where the ground coffee is placed. The water rises from the bottom.
  • Compartment for water. This is where the water that will be used to prepare the coffee is placed.
  • Safety valve. It is located in the water container, and its function is to release the pressure. It is essential to be careful not to put too much water in the reservoir so that it works correctly.
  • Filter. It is between the collector and the funnel. Its function is to prevent the coffee powder from mixing with the drink.
an Italian coffee pot full of coffee, shown from above

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Italian coffee makers?

Take note of the advantages and disadvantages of Italian coffee machines:Benefits

  • Excellent flavor
  • Economy
  • Requires little space


  • They only make one type of coffee
  • The sealing ring must be replaced from time to time

Purchasing criteria

When buying your Italian coffee maker, there are certain aspects that you must take into account. According to them, you can choose the coffee machine that best suits your needs. Next, we analyze the most important criteria:

  • Capacity
  • Characteristics
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Material


To calculate the capacity of your coffee maker, remember that it is measured in 50 ml cups. In Brazil, especially for breakfast, it is common for the dose to be slightly higher (100 ml cup). If this is the case in your home, count the family members and multiply. For example, to prepare breakfast for 4 people, you will need a coffee maker with a capacity of 8 cups (400 ml).


In addition to capacity, there are other particular characteristics that you should consider. For example, the type of cuisine you have. As you have seen, not all Italian coffee machines work on induction cookers. It will also be convenient that it can be washed in the dishwasher. Examine any particulars that are relevant to you and make your life easier.

An example of an Italian coffee maker with a more modern design on top of an induction hob


Most Italian coffee makers indeed have a similar design, but there are alternatives. For example, in addition to the silver-coloured classics, there are options in different colours or even prints. Do not forget, of course, that in these cases, it can be more challenging to keep it in perfect condition.


You must check that the model you choose complies with all safety standards. The Italian coffee maker has a certain risk because if the pressure rises and does not find an outlet, an accident can occur. Ideally, when using it, make sure that the coffee maker is closed properly.


The material of Italian coffee makers is closely related to the quality of the coffee. These coffee makers are usually made from stainless steel or aluminum. In general, stainless steel is a superior option, as its quality tends to be higher. Also, there are coffee makers that are chrome plated with copper or other materials, which makes the quality of their materials better.


Italian coffee makers prepare the best coffee. They offer a unique and special flavour. Any lover of the most popular drink in the world must have one. But the purchase must be made by evaluating all aspects of the product to be purchased. You need to calculate capacity very well and consider other issues.

If you need to prepare several coffees at the same time, with the Italian coffee maker, you will have no problem. Its operation is as simple as its use. Clean the coffee maker thoroughly each time you use it to keep it in good condition. Do not forget to dry it well to avoid problems with humidity. Also, note the wear of the sealing rubber.

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