Review: Stanley Thermal Coffee Maker

Breakfast is a sacred thing to start the day at camping. With some exceptions, the first meal of the day cannot be lacking in genuinely Brazilian food. But camping the coffee itself is the most complicated item. Especially for those who do not enjoy the practical instant coffee, there remains the strainer or the Italian coffee maker. Behold, in the middle of Adventure Sports Fair the people of Stanley arrive with their thermal set “Café Prepare & Conserve”. The system is the “French press” and the solution pleased, promised … and fulfilled. It deserves review.

The set consists of 7 pieces. Everything coupled forming the thermos and starting with the stainless steel mug with a retractable handle. The water is heated there. The coffee powder is then thrown, letting it rest for a few minutes and then pressing the strainer lightly. While he filters the coffee, it keeps the powder in the bottom until the grooves catch it in the mug. Then pour the set into the thermos. There is a dust compartment on the lid. In addition to the lid, there are a pair of screwable cups that can be used separately or together for a single person—simple, practical, and compact.

USE: On the trail, it is possible to take inside this single volume, the water inside the thermal, the dust on the lid and glasses for two people to enjoy its production.

THE COFFEE: As it is a more international standard, the space that remains between the bottom of the mug and the bottom of the strainer is small for an amount of coffee that meets the most refined tastes of stronger coffees. In our case, in addition to liking strong coffee, we were still used to the Italian coffee maker that brings the result even closer to an espresso. However, this is not a problem. Our tests were positive in two solutions: 1- Add more powder, because even if the strainer does not reach the point of fitting with the mug, it is perfectly possible to spill the liquid in the thermal. The rubber on the side of the strainer will not let the powder through. 2- We tested a smaller amount of “extra strong” coffee powder, and, contrary to the same experience in the standard strainer or the Italian coffee maker, the result was positive—a strong coffee with little powder.

THE COAGE: As we only use traditional coffee powders, sometimes it can stay a little at the bottom of the thermal. The manufacturer recommends slightly thicker grinds for this equipment, which we do not consider necessary for our use.

OTHER USES: Although we talk a lot about the “coffee maker” function, the thermos can be used to keep cold drinks for a long time on trails and walks, or even at the camping site, the set can strain tea with leaves harvested from nature itself, since the The strainer is very thin, facilitating this process.

PRACTICALITY: Practicality is total. Light, compact equipment, condenses several functions that includes a vacuum sealed thermos that has kept the temperature sensational.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Like all Stanley products, this set will have a lifetime warranty on its components as long as there is no misuse. This really makes the investment worthwhile, as any part that may break accidentally, we can replace it free of charge, even in many years. Sometimes it is difficult for us consumers to be sure that, for example, the strainer will not tear or come off the plastic or the thermal sealing silicone does not lose its effect. With this guarantee everything is easier.

The biggest advantage for our profile is that we do not dispense milk for breakfast. With this set, we can pass the coffee, store it in the thermos to keep what remains warm until lunch time and we still use the same mug to heat the milk. In the end, we adopted the set as “official” of our camps, not only in the tent mode but also in our trailer.

FEATURES: Material: Stainless steel 18/8 / Plastic BPA free ; Dimensions: 28.5cm X 10.4cm (diameter), Capacity: 500ml; 7 pieces; Colors: Stainless steel / gray.

PRICE: On the date of this review, the equipment cost R $ 286.00 in the official Stanley store . On websites on the internet it cost between R $ 257.51 and R $ 293.00.

REVIEW – PRODUCT and Location: This equipment was sent by STANLEY, who relied on MaCamp’s know-how to test its products in the Reviews section. The tests were done at Campings and events in five Brazilian states (RS / SP / SC / PR / RJ).

Capsule or filter coffee maker? Which model to invest?

Coffee is the passion of every Brazilian and gains new formats in the market with each passing day. Filter coffee makers and the new capsule coffee makers offer different experiences and unique flavors. Now, which model to choose? Read on and let’s find out together which is the best investment.

The difference between capsule coffee makers

Capsule coffee makers are the new darlings of coffee lovers. In addition to being beautiful and complementing the decor, they are also practical and eliminate steps in the process of making coffee.

However, despite these advantages, the vast majority of machines only accept capsules of the same brand. So, its value ends up being higher than the traditional coffee makers and filter, since they need to spend everyday with the acquisition of new capsules.

Certainly, those who choose this model value the flavors of a creamier coffee, with a more striking flavor and that also has more than one combination.

After all, the owner of a capsule coffee maker will not only be able to taste the traditional espresso, but also coffee with milk, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, among other drinks that previously could be tasted in its maximum flavor only in specialized coffee shops.

The differential of filter coffee makers

According to tradition, filter coffee makers are good friends for every morning. It is through filter coffee makers that good espresso coffees are made and many of them are programmable to allow the user to wake up with the hot drink. They need the following items to provide the perfect coffee:

  • The coffee maker;
  • A coffee filter (some models have fixed filters);
  • Coffee powder (which can be freshly ground);
  • Water.

Because it does not have the same pressure system as the capsule coffee makers, they end up not offering a more creamy drink. However, it does offer quantities of coffee that can be stored in a thermal to keep you going all day.

As previously stated, capsule coffee makers always need to be filled with new capsules. Filter coffeemakers now need coffee powder, which is sold in large quantities and at a lower price. Thus offering greater quantities of the drink to coffee lovers.

Which one to choose for the routine?

Everything will depend on what you value: time, quantity or flavor? After all, there are people who love coffee in all its forms, and in this case, it is more economical to invest in a model with a filter. However, if you are the type who needs new experiences every time you drink a cup of coffee, it is interesting to consider the possibility of buying the capsule coffee maker.

After all, to make your choice easier, we brought some curiosities from both models. So, let’s check:

  • Part of the capsules are not thrown into the environment, but recovered;
  • The capsule coffee maker process takes just a few seconds;
  • The coffee has pressure on the capsule models, forming froth;
  • Capsule coffee maker does not get dirty during preparation;
  • Capsule coffee maker does not need frequent cleaning;
  • Filter coffee makers are economical in every way;
  • Filter coffee makers have more than one model available;
  • In filter coffee makers you can combine several types of coffee;
  • Filter coffee makers release all the difference of freshly ground beans.

The best coffee maker models:

Now that you know the differentials and the curiosities of the capsule and filter coffee maker models, we brought some models available at Dufrio that will be great allies of your moments of pleasure when drinking coffee. By the way, nothing tastes better than a warm coffee every morning, isn’t it?

Check out coffee maker models with filter:

  • Mondial Smart C-18 Coffee Maker : These are coffee makers that have a permanent filter and serve coffee directly in pens, with space for up to two of them.
  • Eletrolux Love Your Day Coffee Maker : It has capacity for up to THIRTY COFFEE. It’s too much coffee for caffeine lovers. In addition to having steel details that make the model very beautiful.
  • Programmable Black Decker Coffee Maker : It has an LED display and the ability to program hot coffee up to 24 hours in advance. In fact, it has a glass jar that holds up to 1.5 liters of the drink.

Check out coffee maker models with capsules:

  • Arno Dolce Gusto Espresso Coffee Maker : With capsules, you can prepare cold and hot drinks, in addition to having a functional design and water reservoir that guarantees the preparation of up to 20 espresso.
  • Three hearts coffee machine : Compact and with a multi-pressure capsule system, it offers several drinks that please the Brazilian palate, in addition to having the automatic disposal of used capsules.

After all, which of the two types of coffee maker is right for you? Regardless of the choice, get ready to taste the best

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