The 12 Best Coffee Makers in 2019

See some models of coffee makers and choose the one that suits you best.

Right after waking up, after lunch, in the middle of the afternoon … everyone has that moment of the day that they love having a coffee. And with a good coffee maker, you have all the flavor and aroma of fresh coffee without leaving your home.

In fact, some models go further and make cappuccinos, other drinks with milk and even tea. Like the idea? Then see the best coffee makers of the moment and choose yours!

12. The Cadence Single Colors coffee maker comes with 2 personalized cups

Cafeteira Elétrica 2 Xícaras Cadence Single Colors em Promoção é No Buscapé

Available in different colors, the Cadence coffee maker makes more than one cup of coffee at the same time. As a whole, it comes with two porcelain cups that have the ideal size for your coffee.

And, to do so, use the measuring spoon, which is also included, to choose the right amount and that’s it! Just turn on the coffee maker and your drink will be ready quickly.

Features of the Cadence Single Colors coffee maker:

  • 0.3 liter water tank
  • Uses coffee powder

11. Britânia CP15 Inox coffee maker has the best cost / benefit

Cafeteira Eletrica CP15 Inox Preta 127v - Britânia no Shoptime

There is also Britânia coffee maker on the best list! In addition to being light and compact, the CP15 Inox is equipped with several important features for preparing coffee, such as the drip cutter system and the heating plate, which keeps the temperature of your coffee for longer.

Although the glass water jug ​​is not one of the largest on our list, this coffee maker is capable of preparing 15 coffees in a single batch and also has a removable permanent filter for cleaning.

Oh, and not to mention the stainless steel finish and the good cost / benefit ratio.

Features of the Britânia CP15 coffee maker:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • Hot plate
  • Uses coffee powder

10. Electrolux Love Your Day CMM20 coffee maker is capable of making 30 coffees at once!

Cafeteira Elétrica 30 Xícaras Electrolux Love Your Day CMM20 em Promoção é  No Buscapé

Here we have an electric coffee maker that can be used at home or at work. That’s because, in one go, it has the capacity to prepare 30 cups of 50 ml coffee.

But that is not the only highlight of this Electrolux coffee maker. It is also a model that offers security and has a drip cutter system, which interrupts the preparation of coffee when serving it, thus avoiding possible burns.

Oh, and if you usually leave the equipment on for a good period as a way to keep the coffee warm at all times, you need not worry, as it is equipped with automatic shutdown and pilot light.

Features of the Electrolux Love Your Day coffee maker:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • 1.5 liter water tank
  • Uses coffee powder

9. The best coffee maker for you to program your coffee time is the Oster Flavor Programmable

Cafeteira Programável Oster Flavor para 36 Xícaras - Preta/Inox | Cafeteira  oster, Cafeteira elétrica e Cafeteiras

What is most striking about this Oster coffee maker is the fact that you can program the time you want to have your coffee.

And for that, just leave everything ready: put the necessary amount of powder in the filter, water in the container, select the number of cups and set the preparation time, up to 24 hours in advance.

Just remember that this programming is not automatic, so you need to repeat it whenever necessary, okay?

In addition, with this Oster you can choose the intensity of the coffee, pause the production to serve your cup, and even know how long your coffee has been ready.

Programmable Oster Flavor coffee machine features:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • Uses coffee powder
  • Timer function
  • 1.5 liter water tank

8. The Arno Gran Perfectta Thermo coffee shop makes 16 to 24 cups of coffee

Cafeteira Elétrica Arno Inox e Preta Gran Perfectta Thermo - 220V |  Carrefour

If your intention is to use a coffee maker to receive friends, family or even to place it at your workplace, this Arno is the best coffee maker for you!

Capable of making 16 to 24 cups of coffee, this product comes with a stainless steel jar with a capacity of 1030ml, which can keep the coffee warm.

In addition, this Arno coffee maker has a spoon to measure the correct amount and an indicator of the water level, so you never miss the measure.

Features of the Arno Gran Perfectta Thermo coffee maker:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • 1.03 liter water reservoir
  • Uses coffee powder

7. Make hot drinks at room temperature with the Três Corações Mimo coffee maker

Cafeteira Expresso Três Corações Mimo em Promoção é No Buscapé

This model also allows you to make tea at room temperature, being the best coffee maker on our list to be used even during the summer.

Features of the Três Corações Mimo coffee maker:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • 0.95 liter water reservoir
  • Uses Three Hearts capsules
  • Makes various types of drink
  • Hot drinks at room temperature

6. Coffee maker for those who want to taste different flavors: Nespresso Inissia C40

Nespresso C40 Inissia Sky Blue | COFFEE MACHINE| NESPRESSO CN

This coffee maker is for those who want to enjoy various flavors of coffee. Despite being “basic”, alongside so many other Nespresso machines, it is still a favorite of many people out there.

And it’s not just the ease of preparing the famous espresso, but also the variety of coffees that Nespresso offers.

In addition, it has automatic shutdown after 9 minutes, so as not to waste energy. One of the most famous brands could not be missing among the best coffee makers in 2018, right?

Features of the Nespresso Inissia C40 coffee maker:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • 0.7 liter Water Reservoir
  • Uses Nespresso capsules
  • Makes various types of drinks

5. The Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee maker does much more than coffee

Cafeteira Expresso Arno Dolce Gusto Mini Me Arno - de Cápsula 15 Bar  Vermelha - Cafeteira Dolce Gusto - Magazine Luiza

For you to quickly prepare your favorite coffees, the Dulce Gusto coffee shop is a great ally. Its advantage is that it also prepares drinks at room temperature, such as Nestea tea.

When using it is easy, just choose the amount of water and if the drink is hot or at room temperature.

And in addition to being versatile, the Mini Me is still compact and stylish, so it looks great anywhere in the living room or kitchen.

Features of the Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee maker:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • 0.8 liter Water Reservoir
  • Uses Dulce Gusto capsules
  • Makes different types of drinks
  • Hot drinks at room temperature

4. Três Corações Modo S04 is one of the best coffee makers to receive visitors

Cafeteira Expresso Modo S04 1050W 127V - Três Corações - Camicado

If you drink a lot of coffee or receive a lot of visitors, the Modo coffee maker may be the right choice.

That’s because it has a 1.2 liter reservoir and a drawer where the used capsules are stored so you don’t have to empty them right away. This makes it very quick and easy to prepare coffees, don’t you think?

Ah! And this model also offers other beverage options, such as hot chocolate, teas and cappuccinos.

Features of the Três Corações mode S04 coffee maker:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • 1.2 liter Water Reservoir
  • Uses Three Hearts capsules
  • Makes different types of drinks

3. The Mondial C-08 coffee maker comes with a large water tank

Cafeteira Expresso Mondial C-08 em Promoção é No Buscapé

This Mondial coffee maker, in addition to producing two cups of coffee at the same time, also comes with a vaporizer, for the preparation of cappuccinos.

And to make it even easier to use, this coffee maker comes with removable waste trays to help with cleaning, and a 2-liter water tank.

Features of the Mondial C-08 coffee maker:

  • 2 liter water tank
  • Uses sachets or ground coffee
  • Makes cappuccino

2. Oster Pump coffee maker : prepare coffees worthy of cafeteria

Cafeteira Expresso 5 Xícaras Oster Pump BVSTECMP55 Com o Melhor Preço é no  Zoom

Much like the Italian espresso machines, Oster Pump is the best coffee maker for coffee lovers.

In it you can use coffee powder and prepare up to two cups at the same time, so you can have practicality and ease in everyday life.

A nice detail of this Oster coffee maker is the milk vaporizer, good for preparing cappuccinos and other drinks, just like in coffee shops.

Features of the Oster Pump coffee maker:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • 1.2 liter Water Reservoir
  • Uses coffee powder
  • Has a vaporizer
  • Makes cappuccino

1. Enjoy some coffee options with the best coffee maker on our list: Nespresso Lattissima Touch

Buy De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine | Harvey Norman AU

Lattissima Touch offers some options for coffee lovers, such as Espresso, Cappuccinos and Lattes Macchiatos.

With a container for up to 11 used capsules, this Nespresso coffee maker won’t give you any trouble, unless you choose which type of drink you want.

In addition, to facilitate the preparation of coffee, it has cleaning alerts and a removable milk container that can be stored in the refrigerator. Is it or is it not the best coffee maker on our list?

Features of the Nespresso Lattissima Touch coffee maker:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • 0.9 liter water reservoir
  • Uses Nespresso capsules
  • Makes different types of drinks
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