The 5 Best Espresso Coffee Makers on the Market

Coffee is the most consumed beverage worldwide, being present in the most varied cultures. In Brazil, traditional coffee is already part of our daily lives.

When it comes to having a wonderful coffee at home or at work, there are several options for espresso makers on the market, from simpler and more functional models to professionals.

You don’t have to be a barista to have an espresso machine.

There are quite simple models that do not require any technical knowledge about coffee. In addition, there are models with very attractive prices.

With all these models, what is the best espresso maker? What advantages do these models have? What are your main important technical characteristics?

What are the Best Espresso Makers?

Now that you’ve seen an overview of each option, let’s also look at the specific details of each coffee maker that has been separated.

Thus, you will have all the necessary information to decide.

1. Mondial C-08 Express Coffee Maker


  • Traditional model
  • Freedom to use the coffee powder of your choice
  • Don’t get stuck buying capsules
  • Makes 2 cups of coffee simultaneously
  • Possibility to make other drinks based on coffee, thanks to the milk vaporizer


  • It is not an automatic model, so the user does the entire process
  • Demands greater attention, study of parts and practice to use them

The Mondial C-08 espresso machine is a traditional model, that is, it has the advantage that you can use the coffee powder of your choice.

That is, you can opt for the cheapest coffee powder or even gourmet coffee powder.

The Mondial C-08 is a domestic version of industrial equipment, so it has interesting features, such as the milk vaporizer, essential for that creamy and frothy coffee with milk just like the bakery.

With the milk vaporizer, you can make cappuccinos and macchiatos lattes too.

It has a nozzle for two cups, that is, you can make coffee from two cups at the same time, which saves time.

It also comes with filters for either single or double coffees.

The disadvantage is that you will need to spend time checking how it works and getting used to changing and cleaning the filters.

That is, because it is a traditional machine, if you don’t have a lot of time or don’t want to dedicate a lot to it, it is better to look for an automatic capsule espresso machine.

2. Oster Prima Latte II


  • It is the only one that allows you to make coffee in the traditional way with powder and also allows you to use capsules
  • Comes with milk vaporizer


  • Water reservoir is not large
  • Higher price compared to capsule models

Do you want to have the best of both worlds, that is, do you like the traditional way of preparing coffee, with powder, but also want the practicality of the capsules?

So the best espresso maker for you, is the Oster Prima Latte II, which allows both.

Although the price of this model is much higher than the capsule coffee makers described so far, the great advantage is having both systems in a single device.

The model has a modern finish, brushed steel and black and red details.

Oster Prima Latte II comes with a professional Italian pump that allows 19 bar of water pressure. With this, you can make your coffee with the powder you want.

In addition, prepare the most delicious cappuccinos and other drinks using milk thanks to the milk vaporizer.

If you want to use capsules, this is possible with Nespresso or Nespresso compatible capsules.

Its water reservoir is not very large, it allows 600 mL, but it is enough to prepare up to 10 cappuccinos in a row.

It also has three thermal sensors, which allow you to maintain the ideal temperature throughout the preparation of your drink.

3. Dolce Gusto Mini Me


  • A variety of coffee-based beverage capsules
  • Option to make iced teas
  • Good water reservoir


  • Need to use branded capsules, as no compatible capsules are found
  • It has fewer coffee options than Nespresso, for those who only like espresso

If you are looking for an electric espresso machine that also gives you options for cold drinks, such as teas, then your best option is Dolce Gusto Mini Me.

Dolce Gusto is the only one on the market that offers the option of making cold drinks with tea capsules.

This model is very compact and light, in addition to being fully automatic, so it is a guarantee that your espresso will not be too strong or watery.

The disadvantage is due to having fewer options for espresso than Nespresso.

In addition, there are no Dolce Gusto compatible capsule options present from different brands on the market, the user being limited to the options offered by the brand.

In the case of espresso coffee, Dolce Gusto’s options are:

Ristretto, Expresso, Expresso Intenso, Expresso Decafeinatto, Expresso Barista, Ristretto Ardenza, Lungo, Morning Coffee, Homemade Coffee and Homemade Coffee Intenso.

Recalling that Nespresso has more than 20 options of capsules of espresso alone.

4. 20 Bar Philco Espresso Machine


  • Large reservoir
  • 20 Bar pressure, higher than other coffee makers


  • Available in 110v only

If you are looking for another option of a traditional coffee maker, the Coffee Maker 20 Bar by Philco is a recommendation.

This coffee maker has the great advantage of a good price and pressure of 20 Bar, higher than other brands in the market that are at 15 Bar.

It is slightly larger than previous models and has a more square, less rounded design, but its red details help to make your look at least interesting.

It comes with a spray nozzle and its water reservoir is large, of more than 1L, being able to make several coffees in sequence.

The disadvantage is that this coffee maker is not offered, in principle, at voltage 220V, requiring a transformer if its electrical network is 220V.

5. BrewStation Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Maker


  • Possibility of programming the time and exact time you want the coffee ready
  • Does not burn coffee due to the mild heating plate
  • No paper filters required


  • Coffee is not made under pressure

Program your coffee maker for the time you wake up in the morning, the coffee is ready: this is one of the great advantages of the BrewStation Hamilton Beach model.

With this electric coffee maker, you can program the exact time you want your coffee to come out ready.

In addition, it comes with a permanent filter, meaning there is no need for you to buy paper filters.

Another advantage is its mild heating plate, which keeps the coffee warm without burning.

The disadvantage is that this is a traditional coffee maker, that is, although it is automatic it does not come with a pump and the water does not pass under pressure.

Therefore, coffee is simple, not espresso.

Where to Buy Coffee Machines and Accessories at a Good Price?

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Many frauds and thefts are reported daily. Therefore, choosing a store with a good reputation is essential.

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Important Properties for Choosing the Best Espresso Coffee Maker

Before making your purchase, it is important to highlight what are the main properties that these coffee makers have.

It is these properties, even, that made them appear on the list of best espresso makers.

There are basically two models of espresso makers:

  • The traditional ones, which use powder, are placed in a container called “pipe” and the water is subjected to pressure.
  • Capsule capsules, which require compatible coffee capsules.

Check out some criteria to consider when choosing a good coffee maker.

Variety of drinks

Although coffee is a great drink, those who like it know that there are countless varieties of espresso, from the softest to the strongest and fullest.

The difference is in the grain, its origin and in the roasting.

The machines most found on the market today adopt the encapsulation system, that is, it is necessary to purchase capsules compatible with that model of coffee maker.

There are other espresso machines in which you can use the ground coffee powder, free of the capsules.

These models are generally a little more expensive, but they also provide greater freedom of use, since you can use the coffee powder you want, without getting stuck in the capsules.

The disadvantage is that espresso coffee makers with capsules work practically on their own. As for those that need powder, you have a little more work on making coffee.

The type of coffee will determine the notes of that coffee, as well as the flavor it provides.

When you think of compatible capsules, the greater the variety of drinks that the espresso machine has, the greater the chance that you will find a type that you like.

It is important to note that some brands of espresso makers also have other categories of drink than just espresso, such as, for example, cappuccinos and other derived drinks, also in capsules.

The traditional ones, on the other hand, if they have a vaporizer, make it possible to steam the milk and thus make drinks based on coffee.

Programming Size and Ease

There are some electric coffee makers with capsules that have fully automatic programming, that is, just press a button and the coffee is ready.

Others, it is possible to adjust the cup size, as well as other properties.

In addition, the size of the coffee maker is important, because if you don’t have a lot of space at home or at work, a small model will fit your environment better.

On the other hand, small models usually produce a not too large number of coffee cups in the sequence, due to their small water storage.

That way, if your demand is high, a bigger model, with a water tank with more capacity, will be better for you.

What is Espresso?

Many people believe that an espresso is one made quickly, but not.

The term “expresso” when next to coffee comes from the Italian, espresso, and refers to the method of obtaining the drink.

Espresso coffee is that obtained with hot water passing, under pressure, at a temperature that does not allow it to boil.

Thus, the coffee obtained has a high concentration of flavors, being denser than strained coffee, with a strong aroma and peculiar taste.

In fact, the process causes the acidity of the coffee to be higher and its characteristic bitterness remains in the foam, which must be mixed with a spoon.

Finally, espresso, thanks to the way in which it is obtained, is much more creamy.


There are several good options among the best espresso makers – both traditional and capsule models, and a model that combines the two forms.

To make a good purchase, choose your priorities, and choose one of the items from our list. Certainly, you will have made an excellent purchase.

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