The 9 Best Coffee Makers on the Market (Stainless Steel, Glass and Programmable Pitchers)

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. In Brazil, the habit of drinking coffee is already part of our culture.

Thus, a coffee maker can facilitate having a tasty, hot and ready coffee whenever you want.

On the market, there are several models of coffee makers that work with coffee powder, with several different characteristics, as a programming option or simpler operation, for example.

So, how to orient yourself with so many models available on the market?

To help, we have made a list of the best coffee makers that need coffee powder to facilitate their choice of purchase, based on the different properties they have.

What are the Best Coffee Makers That Use Coffee Powder?

Did you like the recommended coffee maker models?

Lowest Price Glass Jar Coffee Makers

The following models are electric coffee makers that have a glass jar.

As an advantage, these models usually have lower prices than with stainless steel jugs, for example.

In return, the glass jar is usually the first element to break from the coffee maker and the coffee temperature is not kept high with a glass jar in the same way as a stainless steel jar.

1. Britânia CP15


  • Very mild price
  • Drop cutter system
  • Removable permanent filter
  • Dosing spoon
  • Bottom heating plate


  • Not bivolt
  • Fits small coffee demands

If you are looking for a coffee maker with a price well below R $ 100.00, then Britânia CP15 is a great option.

This coffee maker has a drop cutter system and removable permanent filter, with a capacity for 15 coffees, that is, it is a compact model, for a small demand.

The removable permanent filter eliminates the need to use paper filters and can be easily removed.

Another advantage is its lower heating plate, which keeps the coffee at a good temperature while the equipment is on.

The drip cutter system allows you to remove the jar and the coffee does not spill or drip in the absence of the jar.

The model comes with a measuring spoon, so you don’t miss the amount of coffee powder, resulting in ideal coffee.

The disadvantage is that this is a small model, for an equally small demand. Therefore, if you have a demand for a lot of coffee, perhaps choosing another model is more appropriate.

2. Mondial NC-25


  • Drop cutter system
  • Removable permanent filter
  • Dosing spoon
  • Bottom heating plate


  • Not bivolt
  • Still small demand for coffee

This Mondial model produces a little more coffee than the previous coffee maker, with 17 coffees that can be produced in sequence.

Just like the previous model, this model also has a drip-cutter system, removable permanent filter and lower heating plate, in addition to coming with a measuring spoon.

Another option on the list of best coffee makers, at an affordable price.

3. Multilaser Gourmet


  • Anti-drip system, removable permanent filter, bottom heating plate
  • Mild price


  • Small demand

Another good option for an electric coffee maker with a glass jar and a pleasant price is Multilaser Gourmet.

The demand for this coffee maker is the same as the Mondial CP15, that is, 15 coffees.

Like the Mondial model, it also has an anti-drip system, removable permanent filter and lower heating plate.

4. Britânia CP30


  • Model suitable for high demand
  • Drop cutter system
  • Indicated for high demand


  • Higher price
  • Stainless steel option

If you need a coffee maker to meet a higher demand for coffee, then Britânia CP30 is one of the best coffee makers, as it allows you to make 30 coffees at once.

Its reservoir is 1.2 L, that is, quite large for high demand.

Like the CP15 model, this model also has a drop-cut system, removable permanent filter and lower heating plate.

The disadvantage is due to the higher price than previous models.

Stainless Steel Coffee Pots

If you prefer a stainless steel jar to your coffee maker, the models presented below have this property, which means that your coffee can be heated for a longer time .

5. Mondial C-34 Dolce Arome


  • Leak cutter system, removable permanent filter and bottom heating plate


  • Higher price due to the stainless steel jar;
  • Small demand

This model has a stainless steel jar, resistant to falls and allows to make 15 coffees at once.

The other properties of the previous models already described in this review, are maintained in this model, such as the drip stopper and the removable permanent filter.

The difference is to keep your coffee warm for up to 1 hour, as long as the coffee maker remains on.

It is one of the best stainless steel coffee makers, with a very affordable price.

6. Philco PH14


  • Dropper system, removable permanent filter, lower heating plate
  • Indicated for low demand
  • Milder price for stainless steel coffee pot


  • It is not suitable for people who need multiple cups of coffee being produced in the sequence

The Philco PH14 is a coffee maker for low coffee demand, of 14 coffees.

Its properties are the same as the previous model of Mondial.

If you have low demand for coffee, it can be a good model in terms of savings, since the amount of coffee powder you need is less than a larger coffee maker.

Another advantage is its milder price compared to the Mondial model with stainless steel jug.

Coffeemakers with Programming

Some coffee maker models allow you to schedule the time you want your coffee to be ready.

This is an excellent property, since nothing better than waking up early in the morning and having your hot coffee waiting for you, right?

Then, check out the models with a programming option.

7. Oster Programmable Day Light Coffee Maker


  • Schedule up to 24 hours before
  • High demand
  • Automatic shutdown


  • Glass jar

The Oster Programmable Day Light coffee maker is indicated for those who have high demand for coffee, since they can produce 30 coffees in sequence, with a 1.2 liter glass jar.

Its smart timer allows you to program the coffee maker up to 24 hours in advance .

It has automatic shutdown, that is, it turns off automatically after 2 hours without use.

8. Oster Programmable Flavor Coffee Maker


  • Programming that allows you to choose, in addition to the coffee time, whether the coffee will be strong or weak
  • Indicated for high demand
  • Cleaning cycle


  • Higher price
  • Glass jar

This programmable coffee maker model has a choice of two colors: black and red, adding more possibility to its properties.

In addition, it allows you to choose the intensity of the coffee , whether stronger or weaker.

It is indicated for high demand, up to 36 coffees in a row.

Another advantage is its special cleaning cycle: just add water and press a button. There, your coffee maker cycles and stays clean.

The downside is its higher price and its glass jar.

9. Hamilton Beach Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker (Best Office Coffee Maker)


  • Model with programming that allows you to choose the coffee intensity between regular, strong and extra strong
  • Stainless steel jar with demand for 30 coffees in sequence


  • Does not come with permanent filter
  • It has no lower heating base

This is a model with a higher price, but with more advantages, because in addition to being one of the best programmable coffee makers, it also comes with a stainless steel jar.

Its design is quite interesting, too.

It is a model suitable for high demand, 30 coffees and whose programming allows you to choose between the options of coffee intensity : regular, strong and extra strong.

The disadvantage is that this model does not come with a removable permanent filter, and you must use paper filters.

Another disadvantage is that the coffee maker does not have a bottom heating plate, due to its design, that is, you must consume the coffee as soon as you do, since the coffee maker will not keep the coffee warm.

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Advantages of a Coffee Maker

The models of the best coffee makers described in this review use coffee powder, that is, you can use the coffee powder you want, from the cheapest brands to the so-called “gourmet powder”.

Thus, these models present this fact as a great ease.

Another advantage is the price : among the models chosen there are several options that are well taken into account when thinking about coffee makers.

On the other hand, there is also a description of more differentiated models, with more properties and with this, a higher price.

The great advantage of having a coffee maker, whether at home or at the office, is to have fresh coffee at any time of the day, without needing a lot of knowledge or being a complicated equipment to move.

In addition, the coffee maker can become a decorative element in the environment in which it is located ( option with capsules are also beautiful in the environment).


There are several models among the best coffee makers: some with glass jars, others with stainless steel jars and some with programming.

To choose your ideal model, think about where the coffee maker will be (whether at home or in the office) and your demand.

If it is in the office, the bottom heating plate is quite interesting, since the coffee will certainly be idle for a while and will serve different people, not necessarily at the same time.

At home, a programmable model that will leave your coffee ready when you wake up can be quite interesting.

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