Which coffee maker should I buy? Tips for coffee lovers

Rain, shine, that fresh coffee smell is irresistible! Official companion of our day to day, everything is much better with the good old coffee. To receive a visit, to accompany a snack or even to give that up during work. Coffee is always (very) welcome!

We always look for the best utensil to make a delicious coffee, after all, it depends a lot on it for a good result. But, sometimes, choosing the ideal coffee maker can be a challenge! Do not despair, we will give you two irresistible tips that you will never let go of!

French press (or French Press)

Super traditional method of preparation, the French press is versatile, easy to transport and eliminates the use of electricity – you can prepare your beloved coffee wherever you want (as long as you have somewhere to heat the water)!

To use the French press it is important to remember that the coffee must be in a coarse grind – and not the very fine ones that we are used to. Oh, and best of all, you don’t need a paper filter: the press plunger has a fine screen that separates dust from water. In addition, by not using a filter, the coffee oil passes into the drink, leaving the coffee more full-bodied and with MUCH more flavor.

Practice, right? And on top of ecofriendly.

Italian coffee maker

Another very traditional method that enhances the flavor of coffee is the Italian coffee maker, also known as moka. If you have never done it, you are missing out on one of the greatest pleasures on the palate for coffee lovers (especially if you are a fan of stronger coffee).

Today we can find the most varied sizes and models of Italian coffee makers on the market. The most popular of these is from Bialleti (which has a very charming design)!

The secret of the Italian coffee maker is the way the coffee is produced: it uses only the natural pressure of the steam, which makes the process simple and relatively quick (you don’t even have to strain it later!). And there’s nothing like a seven-headed bug! Check below how easy it can be to prepare your coffee.

The process consists of boiling the water in the lower chamber, which generates steam and starts to apply pressure. The steam presses the hot water out of the lower chamber and through the coffee powder, which is filtered to the top.

Keep an eye

Speaking so much of accentuating the flavors of coffee, here’s an unmissable tip: the Gooseneck kettle. It is a Japanese method that is able to bring out the maximum in the taste of coffee. Such that? Simple, it is a slow production technique.

The hot water is brought to the filter to be decanted. What happens is that instead of flooding the filter, the water is poured slowly over a few minutes. The narrow, curved spout controls the flow of water over the coffee to manage speed as well as accuracy. The water will drip into the bottle in a slow and precise process that will make the coffee rich in flavors!

The good old coffee is a chance to slow down and have a moment of quality and pleasure amid this crazy pace of contemporary life.

Is Cadence Single Colors Electric Coffee Maker Good?

The Cadence Single Colors electric coffee maker draws attention for its design, simplicity and low price. Find out if the Cadence Single coffee maker is worth it.

It is difficult not to pay attention to the electric coffee makers of the Single Colors line. They have a modern design that, combined with strong colors, draw the attention of consumers. However, we all know that beauty is important but it is not enough. The coffee maker has to provide that delicious coffee flavor.

So the question remains: is the Cadence Single electric coffee maker good? Read on and find out!

About Cadence

The Single Colors coffee maker is manufactured by Cadence, a company of Brazilian origin but which was acquired by the American group Jarden Consumer Solutions (JCS). Cadence is the same company that makes Oster brand products.

JCS Brasil is a subsidiary of Newell Brands, a world leader in consumer products with a wide portfolio of recognized brands, among which the following stand out: Oster, Cadence, Mr. Coffee, Sunbeam, Paper Mate and Rubbermaid.

For millions of consumers, Newell Brands makes their lives easier, where they live, learn, work and play.

Cadence Single Colors Electric Coffee Maker

Finding a cheap, beautiful electric coffee maker that makes good coffee is not easy. Is the Single Colors coffee maker a good option? Let’s get to know some details about it.

Cadence Single Colors

Cadence Single Colors Coffee Maker Features

The main feature of this coffee maker is that it does not have a reservoir (jar), like conventional electric coffee makers. The drink is prepared directly in the cup!

Quiet, the Cadence Single electric coffee maker prepares two doses at a time, up to 150ml each, which suggests that the Single was developed primarily for home use.

Cadence Single Colors detail

Remember that Single, in English, is one of the ways singles are called. But that does not prevent you from using it in environments such as an office or office, for example.

The on / off button remains lit during use, making it easy to identify its status. Speaking of which, Cadence Single is not bivolt, so stay tuned when buying.

Design draws attention

The bold lines of the Cadence Single electric coffee maker attract attention, don’t they? Anyone who values ​​good design soon becomes enchanted by it. Available in 4 vibrant colors (blue, purple, red and yellow), the Single coffee maker is also compact and light (weighs less than 1 kg).

Cadence Single Colors red

For sure, in addition to making your coffee, Single will also be a decorative item to make your home even more beautiful.

In fact, the Single coffee maker is part of a line of products available in different colors. So you can combine your electrics with your kitchen decor!

Cadence Line Colors

How the Single Colors coffee maker works

A positive point about Single is that the coffee maker is very easy to use. Two markings inside the coffee maker show the water levels (for 1 or 2 cups).

It comes with a measuring spoon for the coffee powder, and each filled spoon corresponds to enough for one cup of the drink. The coffee can be placed in the removable and washable plastic filter, that is, you will not need to buy paper filter.

Cadence Single Colors box

The negative point is that she does not automatically control the amount of drink produced (drop cut system), and you need to be on the side following her work.

Incidentally, the Cadence Single electric coffee maker releases the drink through the two spouts, even if you put only one cup on the tray. When the cup (s) is (are) full, you must switch off the coffee maker to avoid overflowing coffee everywhere.

This video shows how easy it is to use the Cadence Single Colors coffee maker.

Is Cadence Single Colors coffee maker good?

As we can see, the Cadence Single Colors coffee maker is not just a pretty face! Single is also very practical to use, at a very attractive price. And these are the three main qualities: The design, the ease of use and the price.

Yellow Cadence Single Colors

Only the automatic control of the drink dose was lacking. In fact, using the right amount of water is important to avoid wasting or overflowing coffee. The model does not have a drop cut system, so turn off the coffee maker before the drink overflows.

For the excellent cost-benefit, the Cadence Single Colors electric coffee maker is a good choice to have at home!

summing up

The Cadence Single electric coffee maker is a good option for those looking for a cheap coffee maker. Designed to serve up to two people, it is light, simple and practical. Costing less than 100 reais, it is a great option to have at home or give as a gift.

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